The idea of trump: the withdrawal from UNESCO, the United States hinted at the elimination of the UN

The US withdraws from UNESCO. And health, and good riddance! It would seem. Moreover, the justification for the move given some vague. The US state Department explained its decision by the fact that America pays for the maintenance of the UNESCO the most, but gets nothing in return. And anti-Israeli sentiment among the leadership of the organization headed by the Bulgarian Irina Bokova. As always: to blame or the anti-Semites, or Vice versa. It is actually much more serious.

The withdrawal from UNESCO is only the first step to withdrawal from the UN and attempted to create a fundamentally new order in which a global community, from two hundred countries will take away the right to vote, and global issues will be to decide at its own discretion a few superpowers. About the causes and effects of the “MK” talked with the leading international political analysts.

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UNESCO is an integral part of the UN division, which is engaged in strengthening international cooperation in the field of culture, education and science. And protection of monuments. It includes 195 countries with voting rights and 12 countries and territories as observers. UNESCO, along with the security Council, is considered a key structure of the UN.

What are making US

I hope that the US will not come from UN, but generally speaking such demarches as a demonstrative withdrawal from UNESCO and other international organizations (e.g., the TRANS-Pacific partnership), does not make the world more stable. – said “MK” Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Valery GARBUZOV. Is not a sign of smart administration policy trump. A child’s radicalism, ill-conceived short-sighted steps to turn the US from a global guarantor of stability in the provocateur of instability. This for US is bad. Involvement in international organizations and the solution of various problems together made America America. Not coincidentally, the headquarters of the UN located in new York.

Of course, the United Nations, and United Nations entities, including UNESCO, there are problems that should be addressed. The UN has become a big bureaucratic talking shop that spends money but does nothing. And this trump is right: reform is needed so many layers of bureaucracy.

– Maybe a sense of pressure from the USA and was to get the UN to reform itself?

– What is the use of leaving? You will not solve its problems if it does not belong. Demarches is not reform. Radicalism is the enemy of reformism, they will get you nowhere and will only undermine and destroy the building, which was built by many generations. The danger of a trump is that he does not understand, and finds the beauty in sudden radical movements.

Why does the UN Trump? Maybe he believes that all the world’s problems can be solved from the White house or the headquarters of NATO?

– It is hoped that there will be people that will convince him otherwise. Let me remind you that the UN is the brainchild of not only the United States but in all countries of anti-Hitler coalition. To prevent a new world war and to unite the efforts of the world’s major players. Without the US there would be UN security Council and the whole organization will lose its meaning. The result is historically irresponsible step between geopolitical rivals like the U.S. and Russia, will remain the buffer.

Where does Israel

For the last six years has taken many unprecedented boorish resolutions of UNESCO, who denied any connection with the Temple mount, Jerusalem, Hebron Jews and the Jewish state. I wonder: have our diplomats voting for these documents, I thought that the Jews did not “include current assets”? Without the Soviet Union there would be no Israel as a state, Russia became the first country to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but the Russian diplomats working in UNESCO now, about the special relationship forgot and voted for whatever he can. Among them, sadly, are my disciples and they are unable to explain to me why they did so. – said the “MK” the President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny SATANOVSKY. – I, as a Jew, it is well known that our people have a very long memory and quite long arms. Our small through moderately talkative, but survived all the people of the Empire may suffer mockery for a while, but not forever. For six years we have suffered rudeness from UNESCO, headed by current Chairwoman MS Side. Jewish shrines, in her opinion, to anyone but Muslims. On the seventh year the Jews the slaves were set free and the fields are not sown. We’re in the seventh year, what offense? And then just trump arrived. He has his own interests, but in this case, the hands of the Americans, was punished for rudeness towards the Jews. And that’s not all: to UNESCO Armenians is not yet reached. Comrade Bokova became famous for the anti-Armenian sentiments, obscene behavior in the year of the centenary of the Armenian genocide. I personally have no respect and pity for UNESCO, like the UN. They lost weight, and performance, and is no longer needed. When they stop getting money from America, from Israel, from all the rest, will simply disappear.

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