The hryvnia has fallen below historic lows against the ruble

The hryvnia exchange rate broke the historical record against the Euro and the ruble, according to “Ukraine.ru”. The national currency of the Square almost fell to the level of two ruble.

photo: pixabay.com

The hryvnia exchange rate against the ruble fell almost to the ratio of one to two. Now for 10 Russian rubles you can buy for 4.99 hryvnia, which is less than the historical minimum. The average annual exchange rate of the currency in 2017 amounted to 2.19 ruble.

At the same time was set a record against the Euro. So, 12 January the Euro exchange rate in the Republic has stepped over a psychological mark in 34 hryvnia (during the day it rose by 21 kopecks).

As for the “American”, it is 28,44 of the hryvnia. The budget of Ukraine is calculated on the basis of the rate of 29.3 per hryvnia to the dollar.

After the introduction of the hryvnia in the 1990s years, the course never stoop to such a low level against the Russian currency. In 1998 it amounted to 3 rubles.

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