The hotel will pay the former dishwasher $ 21 million for what she was forced to work on Sundays


Dishwasher, fired from her job because she missed work, filed a lawsuit against the employer – a property. As a result, the Miami court determined that the former executives had to pay her us $ 21 million compensation for working on Sundays.

The dishwasher will receive a lump sum as compensation for violation of religious rights – the property made her work on Sundays and deprived of opportunity to attend Church. Marie Jean Pierre (Marie Jean Pierre) for 10 years worked as a dishwasher in (Conrad Miami), and in 2016 she was fired for “unjustified absence”.

Her boss fired a woman after she missed six Sundays that I went to Church. Still in employment in 2006, she told the employers that can’t work on Sundays because of their religious beliefs. In 2015, her Manager in the kitchen George colon, has been appointed to work on Sunday, despite the request 2006. Then it was dismissed.

60-year-old mother of six children has filed a lawsuit against the hotel alleging that the hotel violated the civil rights act of 1964. Title VII prohibits discrimination by employers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. A Federal jury in Miami ruled in favor of Pierre.