The history of humanity and gratitude:witnesses of the Second world shared memories

Photo: Knyazhik

In Lviv Museum “Territory of terror” presented a collection of documentary prose “to Be human”. In the book collected the stories of the people about the act of humanity and aid during the Second world war.

“The German Foundation “remembrance, responsibility and future “in 2000 began to pay compensation to war victims, says the compiler of a collection Lesya Kharchenko. – In 2007 payments made, but continued social work in Ukraine with the victims of Nazism. People began to talk about those events, to thank for the fact that someone saved, helped. The last straw was the treatment of the victims of the Stalinist and Soviet regimes of Hope Slesareva She said that everyone had a good long talk enough, now I want to thank the people who saved, or symbolically to thank their children or grandchildren.”

Since then, the idea to make a book with the stories of relief and rescue.

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“In 2017, announced the eponymous competition at work. From Ukraine received more than 200 works, in 2018, chose the best. Among the authors were writers and ordinary people. The work was sent people of different ages from 12 to 96 years.This means that the topic is relevant, necessary. The stories can be read as the Germans saved our people, or our Jews. This makes the story diverse and not black and white. In terms of competition, history is real. Many sent were related “.

At the presentation of the collection were the authors of the winning stories, including: Ivan Gantos, Basil, Sugluk, Sergei Harju and Yaroslav ROS.

“Amateur writers wrote fresh lyrics, and professional added generalization, which was also unusual, – tells Alexander Gordon with the jury. – All dependent on personal history.The competition was carried out for the first time. In the previous, was mainly documentary history, here life, with a more pronounced artistic part. The same contest was held in Russia. When we compared our work with them, the Russian was weaker.”

Only professional and non-professional nomination received about 300 works from Ukraine and Russia on the theme of humanity during the Second world war. Among the winners of the contest and the authors of the book – 7 authors from Lviv and Lviv region.

In the Ukrainian crisis media center presented a revised edition of the book “Humanity in inhuman time.” The publication includes information on more than 180 times of famine.


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