The heroine with “All women – witches” was struck by the beauty and youth of Ukrainian singer

The star of the show “All women – witches” Alyssa Milano on his page on Facebook did repost the news where American tabloid “Rare America” described the incident in a Turkish airport with Ukrainian singer Lama (Natalia Zinkiv).
Recall that the famous Ukrainian singer Lama had problems with the border guards when returning from holiday from Turkey. It didn’t want to leave the country because of the age, as claimed that she looks too young for her 41 years of age.
He reacted to the situation and American actress Alyssa Milano. On her page she shared with fans a funny story and added a comment.
“I’m not against having such a problem at the airport,” — commented the actress, adding the hashtag #foreveryoung, which means “forever young.”

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