The happiest workers live in the neighboring country, Ukraine

More than 60% residents of neighboring Moldova consider themselves happy people.
This is evidenced by the sociological survey conducted by “Focus Consulting”.
According to the study, consider yourself lucky 36,17% of the respondents, 24,26% feel “somewhat happy”.
While the category of “unfortunate” identified themselves 16,15% of the people who took part in the survey.
What is most interesting, “the happiest” are the working categories of citizens of Moldova. They are went up 52.88% of the total number of those who responded positively to the question.
In second place, but by a large margin, was a retired 18,62%, and unemployment “happy” just 18,45%.
Equally happy feel both men and women.
As for the “distribution of happiness in the regions”, the happiest people live in Gagauzia, where 59,15% of people recognized themselves as such. In Chisinau “lucky” to 37.5% in the North and South – a little less than 37%.

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