The GPU reported on the results of activities of authorities in 2017





Made judicial decisions, including on claims satisfied in past years, amounting to almost 3 billion UAH.

According to the results of Executive bodies activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the first quarter of 2017. the courts granted more than a thousand the claims of prosecutors in the amount of 2.8 billion UAH 70 million to UAH voluntarily reimbursed by the defendants during the proceedings.

According to the Office of public relations and media General Prosecutor of Ukraine, the actual execution of court decisions, including claims satisfied in past years, amounting to almost 3 billion UAH.

In favor of the party in whose interests the Prosecutor was engaged in business, awarded to more than 1.8 billion UAH.

The results appeal 232 abolished the illegal court decisions that prevented the loss of government 305 million UAH .

Generally accepted prosecutors civil legal responses in favor of the citizens and the state awarded more than 4.9 billion.

As an example, the Prosecutor General’s office cites the fact that under the claim of Prosecutor’s office of Khmelnytskyi region the court is obliged to return in state property a complex of buildings with an area over 1 thousand sq. m of illegally alienated by the National Academy of State border service of Ukraine in favor of private educational institutions, which the new owner paid 2.2 million UAH of budget funds, which is almost equal to the sales price.

At the suit of the Prosecutor’s office of Dnipropetrovsk region is not allowed foreclosure on the building of the military hospital with a total area of almost 7.5 thousand sq. m value of 72 million UAH, which had been illegally transferred to the mortgage.

Thanks to the active and consistent position of the Prosecutor of Kyiv warned groundless recover from public joint stock company “Ukrzaliznytsia” almost 1.5 billion UAH in favor of JSC “Sberbank”.

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