The Google’s revenue from YouTube has increased by more than a third

Revenues from Google for the advertising revenue of YouTube was $ 15 billion Photo:

For the fourth quarter of 2019, the revenues of Google’s YouTube advertising revenue increased by 36% to $ 15 billion.

Annual return of service was approximately 10% of the total income of the company, reports Business Insider.

The corresponding figures doing advertising YouTube business almost five times more than Facebook, and more than six times greater than the Twitch, owned by Amazon.

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The video service has 20 million Premium subscribers and 2 million users of paid television. Their sales are not included in the total. It is included in the other category. There are sales from smartphones Pixel, and “smart” columns Google Home.

Total fourth quarter revenue Google made $46 million, which is 17% more than 2018. According to the company, its revenues – nearly $10.7 billion

Google Inc. the conglomerate, created on October 2, 2015 American programmers and entrepreneurs Larry page and Sergey Brin, which includes Google and other companies they owned through Google.