“The Golden ball-2018”. A non-existent journalist participated in the vote

“The Golden ball-2018”. A non-existent journalist participated in the vote
16:15 Telegraph Today football.ua sports news: Earlier in Paris the Croatian midfielder of real Madrid Luka Modric won the Golden ball, ending a 10-year hegemony of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

In voting for the winner was attended by journalists from 180 countries. Each of them were their top five. No. 1 received five points, number 2 is four and so on. But, as reported by Marca, in voting participated not even existing journalists.

According to the official list of voters, the Comoros was presented by journalist Abdou Tumblers from the newspaper Albalad Comores. But, according to another edition of the archipelago, this resource ceased to exist 6 years ago, and the journalist with that name does not exist.

“In this paper, which ceased to be issued in 2012, there were only two sports journalists — Abdul Yussuf wrote for the French version, and Sharif Oussein — Arab . No Abdu Carnage there just was not” — said the journalist of Tolmino Abdu.

“No record of Abdu Slaughter no, I could understand the mistake France Football, if they messed up the name of media that employs the journalist, but this man simply does not exist”, — said the President of the Association of journalists in the Comoros.

In addition, the report France Football used the flag of the Comoros, which had been valid 17 years ago. In 2001, the country’s new flag.



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