The global financial storm on the way

The global Financial Crisis in 2018 – new level hasaw world is a fierce struggle of clans World government for survival in the impending financial,
economic and military disaster. The power of Russia must be cleansed from the fifth column of traitors, globalists,


The world on the path of collapse

Author: Irina Boyko

In any textbook on Economics there is no section on the disintegration processes. Economists consider their craft manipulation of cash flows, the formation of a budget deficit, the construction of the “soap” scenarios for the future development, removing the remnants of the accumulations from the pockets of the impoverished population under the slogan of “socially oriented economy”, but not responding to the key challenges of the real economy. On the world scale they are, in fact, two of the ongoing global economic crisis that began in 2008, and the increasing disintegration processes.

The most obvious manifestation of disintegration in 2017 was the “Catalan challenge“the ad is a region with high economic potential, their independence . Catalonia — the richest region in Spain — decided to embark on their own voyage, not wanting to meet growing fiscal appetite of the Central government. Do not cease passion about Brekzita. The divorce process is very difficult, encountering not only the inability of politicians to agree on financial compensation, but the failure to define new rules for the movement of goods, capital and people between the European countries with the once transparent boundaries. Even the delay in forming new rules of the game is between Britain and the EU a huge domestic economic losses: reduced external turnover, is the outflow of financial capital, the falling exchange rate of the pound sterling and, in General, creates a threat of destabilization of the domestic economic situation.

The worst example of disintegration processes in Europe — Ukraine. The unwise policy of the Central government resulted in deep contradiction with the richest, industrialized Eastern region of the country. And yet this conflict, the Ukrainian elite tried to solve by military means, similar processes began in other regions of Ukraine, which leads to the obvious conclusion about the inadequacy of the policies pursued by the Central government in relation to their regions. But maybe disintegration is a European disease?



In the article “Which states wants out of the US most” States that residents of 21 States in the US have signed a petition about the “independence movement” (secession movement). And the largest state — California — is gaining momentum established in 2015 the movement for secession from the United States “California Independence Yes Campaign”. And these “separatist” sentiment significantly enhances the economic policy pursued by the administration of Donald trump. Is no exception and Russia, where economic policy reduced only to the search of funds (absolute virtual values), by any means in order to all the disadvantages of budget to compare with the pros. Primitive operation, faced the authorities with the population, businesses and regions, which devalues the centralized control of the country and poses a threat to the preservation of the integrity of the country!

It is obvious that the disintegration processes are a worldwide trendthat they significantly deteriorated as a result of the global crisis that began in 2008, and that the national government’s inadequate economic policies virtually force the regions to strive for their own self-determination and independence. Worse, the political and economic dilettantism of the modern power elite is forced to seek easy ways of overcoming the growing internal conflicts. This leads to “soft” conflict — trade wars, sanctions, trade embargoes, and the “hard” decisions to search for external enemies, the use of military force, invasion into the internal politics of other countries.

And the stronger internal social and economic contradictions in the leading countries of the world, the more militarize their economies, the closer the threat of a global military confrontation, which is not what people want, just justice demands not to reduce real wages, not to deprive them of work, and not to take out the last penny (pennies, pennies…) out of their pockets. And they instead of solving these problems I propose the image of an external enemy.



The emerging global trend of disintegration that policy, because of their ignorance, call “populism of the political opposition” cannot be overcome by political, especially by military means. In this way the whole world will suffer a catastrophe. This trend can be overcome only through deep economic restructuring of regionsthat may require significant changes in the economic policy pursued by the Central governments. But it is necessary a new understanding of Economics, as a field of knowledge. Instead of stupid liberalism and manipulation of the monetary symbols should help us understand the real economy.

Management of the disintegration processes becomes the main direction of a breakthrough for the world’s intellectual elite. And only in this way the world can overcome global economic crisis, which is becoming more and more dangerous forms.



About the nuances of public administration

Author: Mikhail Khazin

The degree of rasplanirovke in the world is constantly growing and it is already visible to the naked eye even extremely politizirovannost person. At the same time, senior management (well, in any case, people with appropriate formal features, like presidents, Prime Ministers, Central bankers, and so on) showing some absolutely amazing calm and relaxation. You can, of course, to refer to the statistics which everywhere, even in our country shows economic growth, but, after all, in the leadership of the people are not just morons …

Remember the situation of 2008-2009: all were busy, were running, something was offered, did the G20, and so on. We, however, and then explained that the results did not give, but it’s still not a reason to sit exactly on the priest and do not itch … Look, Merkel things are going really bad, she would run and display (showing off to potential partners your capabilities and creativity), and it is instead silent as the Communist interrogation — it is Strange, somehow.



However, just not very weird. Because it is precisely known that the notorious heads are high but not the highest representatives of power (elite) clans and they can only act within the program, coordinated through a complex consensus just by clan. Moreover, the negotiation process is irrelevant to the formal procedures of public administration, to tales, God forgive me, “democratic” procedures.

The notorious “democratic” procedures determine only the representative of some power groups will be “rulit” the state budget, that is, to have priority access to relevant revenues. But to change the rules, adopted by the General elite consensus, they can’t categorically. Even in a critical situation. A classic example is Richard Nixon in the early 70’s, which really saved US from defeat in the cold war (not without the help of the leadership of the United States, by the way), but fell victim to the systemic decisions that he was forced to take before this became possible in the framework of elite consensus.

Another example is trump. The assaults on him by the financial elite (which dominates today in the elite world) related to the fact that the crisis changes in the economy led to a weakening of financiers and alternative elite groups not just increased in the US, but were able to put an alternative to the representative of the financial elite (whose role was made by Clinton). And the fight here is not against trump personally, but against changing the rules of the gamein which to reach consensus (yet?) the American elite has failed. Maybe if I had the time, they would about something agreed, but time is gone and the trump began to change the rules in accordance with the interests of those elite groups who have put forward. If a crisis has ended or at least paused, he would have bad. But the crisis only strengthened and for this reason I am inclined to believe that he will win.

But back to the main topic. In the European Union, in other regions of the world, while alternative financiers elite sit quietly. But the representatives of the financiers already, including looking at trump, already realized a lot of things. And what in such situation to do? To break the rules they can not only because they have no plan of action (unlike trump), but also because they are financial members of the respective elite groups, and that is there now is not very high. I mean, they’re clean performers. And the leaders absolutely do not understand what can be done now. As a specialist, I can say that this misunderstanding is entirely object basis: to return a situation in which the profit is formed in the economy in the financial sector more impossible.



And, as a result, leaders are forced to make a major mistake that can only make political player. This error is very well formulated military: “no Matter what you do, the main thing to do consistently and quickly. Or, differently: “Even incorrect action is more useful than a meaningless expectation.” But any commander, there are certain tasks set by the command. But the modern leaders of today are no positive scenarios no. More precisely, everything that climbs into your head, is beyond their capabilities, because they violate the restrictions that they themselves imposed, long ago, enlisting in the struggle for power, i.e., joining the political groups.

As a result of reasonable actions offer only representatives of the elite, or who failed to enter in the ruling financial, political groupings, or were kicked out for excessive “aliveness”. But their capabilities are too limited (yet, and there is, without any question marks), so they are limited to mere criticism. But time goes and it means that your card will appear in other countries.

The only problem is that the government is a delicate matter and requires a considerable training period. Which the representatives of the counter-elites will not be simple. That is, they inevitably mangled a lot of firewood, which, incidentally, will be actively shared with the public representatives of the perishing of the financial elite. But the overall direction of processes that will not change, the situation will be unique, another thing is that this will lead to the emergence of a large number of surprises and excesses. About which today it seems that a lot of them, but we are nowhere near to the extent of the chaosthat will begin in the near future.




Koshcheeva secret Elit


Andrew Fursov. Which will swing the pendulum of history



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