“The girl wants to get me Moskal” – why do foreigners learn Ukrainian

In Belgium opened courses in Ukrainian. Photo: 112

In Brussels opened courses of the Ukrainian language.

The lessons began to be written foreigners, reports 112 Ukraina.

“I learn Ukrainian because my girlfriend is from Ukraine. I want to understand my friends from Ukraine”, – said the German Artem. He already speaks five languages.

“The girl wants to get me Moskal,” jokes Tom. He is originally from Russia, but the student along with his parents emigrated to Germany.

Italian Giacoma Dots wants to learn Ukrainian in order to communicate with my wife’s parents and two year old niece.

“Perhaps, Ukraine will soon join the European Union, and we have to work together,” he says.

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Chairman of the Union of Ukrainian women of Belgium Natalia Ostash said that the training is the modules of five lessons. A single module worth 25 euros.

Ukrainian language courses in Brussels attending 7 students.

Student recruitment continues. It is expected to open courses of the Ukrainian language in other Belgian cities.

In the Polish city of Lublin began a company that encourages locals to remember the words and expressions in the Ukrainian language


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