The German Parliament has discussed the historical responsibility of Germany to Ukraine

The Bundestag

Fri, 19 May 2017


Photo from open sources

The Deputy of the faction of the Green Marieluise Beck stated that Germany must admit its historical responsibility to the Ukraine for crimes.

In the German Parliament on may 19 held a debate on “German historical responsibility in front of Ukraine”.

“Germany must recognize its historical responsibility to the Ukraine for crimes committed by the Nazis on the territory of this country. Our responsibility today needs to be active support of independent Ukraine and its companies in their efforts to establish democracy, rule of law and economic development”, – said from the rostrum of the Bundestag Deputy of the Green party’s speaker for Eastern Europe Marieluise Beck.

It called to respond decisively to economic, political and military destabilization of Ukraine with the aim to slow down the process or even prevent it . Beck stressed that Germany was responsible for the atrocities of war, not only to Russia, as many prefer to say, but also to other countries-former Soviet republics – the Baltic States, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

She drew the attention of deputies and to the attempts of today’s Russia over the last 3 years, after Ukrainians took to the streets to fight for their independence and freedom, Bandera, fascists and anti-Semites that often resonates on the part of German society.

The MP welcomed the wives of Ukrainian prisoners detained in the occupied territory of Donbass, which were during the debate on the podium.

During the debate, the deputies who were from different factions, cited historical data on the number of victims on the territory of Ukraine citizens, including Jews, deported to Germany of the workers (2/3 of all Soviet citizens deported to Germany, was from Ukraine).

The discussion was initiated by the Green party in the Bundestag last fall. Other during his speech, also spoke about the historic and moral responsibility of Germany. They welcomed the establishment in 2015-2016, the German-Ukrainian historical Commission, which will work to study the history of Ukraine through the prism of “Soviet vision”.

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