The German newspaper condemned Russia for its “glorification” of the blockade of Leningrad


Also the author of the Silke Herr Bigalke writes that the doomed residents of besieged Leningrad after the war began to use, with an emphasis on national pride, ignoring the mistakes of the government.

“Send soldiers instead of expressing sympathy,” writes the author, commenting on the upcoming in St. Petersburg parade to mark the 75th anniversary of lifting the blockade.

Herr Bigalke recognizes that the almost 900-day blockade was genocide, which after the war, all parties chose not to call it so. According to the journalist, even in Russia, this concept was censored, as otherwise would be the question of how power is made.

In particular, the author writes material, Russian historians could more easily begin to wonder whether it was possible to prevent the blockade and could Stalin so easily sacrifice the lives of these people. However, this topic is still effectively banned, as in Russia, are people who “worshiped Stalin,” the author writes.

Herr Bigalke also notes that the interpretation of the death of residents of besieged Leningrad as a heroic deed in the name of winning the war “detract from the incident” and it can be a dangerous precedent. People did not choose this path voluntarily, says the journalist.

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