The General Director of “Dawn” on the attestation of the Premier League season 2017/18

Sergey Rafailov


Photo: FC Zorya

General Director of Lugansk “Dawn” Sergey Rafailov spoke about the procedure of attestation of the Premier League 2017/18 for Chernigov “Gums” Rivne “Veres”.

“Not having information before the meeting, which was held in Kiev, of course, I was inclined to the Premier League, according to sport principle, added to gums,” — said Rafailov.

“After I heard together with representatives of other Premier League clubs, the arguments of the appeal Committee of the football Federation of Ukraine, understand and draw conclusions that, in fact, “fuck radish is not sweeter”. That one, that other team, according to the principles of assessment, was not supposed to get a certificate for participation in the Premier League. But the team from Exactly just brought the paperwork with the promise that after some time, a year or two or three, Veres will match the level of the Premier League teams: budget, infrastructure and on other criteria that are put forward FFU for teams applying for participation in the Premier League.

Gums but failed to do. We heard that no work on the preparation of documentation was not done. Were just promises through the press that “we will and we will.” But in fact it was not.

Accordingly, a vote was taken and clubs with a majority vote supported the Veres, considering, in particular, and the decision of the appeal Committee of the FFU. Against to include in structure of participants of the Premier League Veres was just a Dynamo.

Representatives of the Federation and the Premier League a question was raised about why not move down in the standings to consider the clubs below the Veres if they have the finances, desire, and infrastructure to participate in the Premier League. But the representatives of the FFU said that it is very difficult procedurally to cancel the decision of the appeals Committee for the Veres. And time was very little, since before the first of June had to make a decision on the composition of Premier League football before the higher authorities.

The opinion of our President and my is that I wish the Premier League was formed exclusively on the principle of sport, so when you vote, we abstained. But what happened, happened,” explained Rafailov.

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