The games-2018: Colgate without flinching

Aliona Savchenko. Photo: Reuters


Counting down the days until the start of the winter Olympics are shorter. We are looking forward to those athletes who are fortunate enough to get in Pyeongchang. Them in the official application – 33.

Moreover, unlike the old same-name Comedy of George Danelia (with Evgeny Leonov, Inna Churikova, Nonna Mordyukova, and other stars of the screen), here talking about serious numbers. As such, we believe the fighters and the blue and yellow team. Semerenko sisters, and Alexander Abramenko, annamari Dana and Alexey Krasovsky know the price battle with the giants.

In the previous pre-Olympic column the author of these lines defended the legitimate right and less renowned collections to play the Games, even if to aim a blow at the podium not. Now let’s ask the question even more acute – and it was possible to put a bigger squad for the Games in 2018? The first option – the vagaries of the Fortune, which is a little not enough in the selection of the skier Tatyana Tikkun, the ski jumper Vitaliy Kalinichenko, the second “room” Nordic combined Dmitry Mazarchuk.

Option # 2 – to the stars never left. But an example of the most charismatic of ex-countrymen, figure skater Aliona Savchenko is too old. After all, the fifth Game in the career of it after the debut-2002 consistently walked under the flag of Germany, which produced two bronze and a bunch of other titles.

However, there is a third version, partly in the genre of the subjunctive mood, yet close to the truth. Our bayonets would now be forty with a tail, if the project “Carpathians in 2022” before the bidding competition in the International Olympic Committee. Most likely, we would not have won this vote. But under the guise of inspection visits and any presentations, the winter sport would have been generous investors, not only within the country. Unfortunately, due to external aggression, lasting from the beginning of 2014, plans to invite the Olympics had to be abandoned.

It is a pity, because such provision would have affected not only the infrastructure that has long needed to be updated both in the mountains and on the plains. Revived would work in schools and colleges. Plus, the international Federation more active, as the introduction of objects into operation, would include the Ukrainian addresses in its calendar of official competitions. The fashionable phrase is, say “political will is needed”, has the addition, “and influential lobbyists.”

I remember when a preliminary package of documents officially sent to the IOC, a columnist for the “SE” asked the then Deputy Prime Minister for humanitarian bloc Alexander Vilkul, whose support we intend to enlist? Alexander skillfully avoided answering, perhaps, did not catch what was left between the lines. Sorry, to say, “the public” that the fate of such tenders is solved in a deep margins of the Lausanne headquarters, I couldn’t. Although, it’s not a secret! Well, to build strong coalition of friends, neighbors, the government was not ready to pace “now now”.

However, today, it is important that leadership power is not rejected (or declined) to the needs of the Olympic movement. And if the characters of the mentioned film explored, is whether the person 33 tooth, that we know of 33 athlete in the current “Korean” delegation – our cost of living. And it should, at least, not to lose.

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