The funny fashion fails of 2018, from which it is impossible to stop laughing

2018 first was overflowing with not only bright weddings and scandals, but also curiosities. In funny situations were well-known actors, musicians, models and representatives of the Royal family.

On the eve of the New 2019 24 LifeStyle journalists decided to recall some funny situations remembered another page in the history of world show-business.

Olya Polyakova

One of the most controversial singers of the Ukrainian show-business was embarrassing in the beginning of February 2018. Olya Polyakova addressed the ceremony of awarding the prize “Viva! The most beautiful”. Incendiary blonde is so emotionally sung track, “Ex”, which on stage has lost the plume from his luxurious dress. Therefore, Olya Polyakova remained one of only a corset and underwear.

Olya Polyakova naked on stage / RBC

After this fashion confusion the performance artist copied, but Olya Polyakova again appeared before the audience in a stylish dress.

Olya Polyakova at the ceremony / Viva

Katy Perry

American pop singer Katy Perry got into an even louder, more curiosity than Olya Polyakova. Celebrity broke shiny pants during live broadcast of American Idol. Katy Perry turned the embarrassment into a joke, so he got up from his chair and showed the torn outfit did not restrain his laughter.

I ripped my pants, said Katy Perry and openly showed it to all viewers.

The editors of the show immediately put in hot seat logo transfer.

As Katy Perry tore my pants live: watch the video


Jennifer Lopez

A funny situation was noted and Ellen DeGeneres. In the edition of singer Jennifer Lopez, who talks about the new project, decided to show a few dance moves. However, the star did not realize that has a skirt with a racy neckline, so during the incendiary movements of the artist lit up the spanx. In the network of underwear Jennifer Lopez called “Granny knickers”.

Jennifer Lopez showed shapewear / Just Interes

The Group Backstreet Boys

After returning to the big stage, the group Backstreet Boys decided to shock the viewers of his show. The artists went on a 4 day cruise, where he appeared on the scene in the images of the participants Spice Girls. The singers tried mini-dresses and wigs, who amused the fans.

Group the Backstreet Boys tried on images of women / Instagram @backstreetboys

Model Yulia Rybakova

Russian model plus-size Julia Rybakova naked right in front of the journalists at the Cannes film festival. The star took to the red carpet in a dress with a train. And suddenly one of the guests of the event was at the end of the outfit. When Julia Rybakova took a few steps, she was left in a corset and underwear.

The culprit curiosity immediately helped the girl to fix it and put the ribbon cable in place.

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Published Plus Size Model (@yulia_rybakova_) May 18, 2018 6:31 PDT

Katie Holmes

Outfit failed Hollywood actress and former wife of Tom cruise – Katie Holmes. The star went for a walk around new York in a stylish summer dress. However, the actress miscalculated the size of the outfit, so her Breasts tightly squeezed the corset. Perhaps, in this glamorous Katie Holmes didn’t feel too comfortable, even in front of cameras and gave no sign that something is wrong.

Actress Katie Holmes walking/ Getty Images

Hollywood actress Katie Holmes / Getty Images

Tom Cruise

Famous Hollywood handsome Tom cruise also got in an uncomfortable situation. At the premiere of “Mission: impossible Consequences,” he left to journalists and fans with unbuttoned pants. The actor did not know that his perfect image is not a delight, and the smiles of the people, so I continued to greet all the guests of the event. But photographers, noticing the embarrassment, made dozens of pictures, which shows how out of his pants, Tom cruise juicy could see the white shirt.

Tom cruise was embarrassing in Tokyo / Getty Images

Lesya Nikityuk

But the famous Ukrainian prankster Lesya Nikityuk almost left without brand-name outfit at a social event in Spain. Before preparing to show Bridal collection Рronovias TV presenter noticed that her dress flaunts a Venezuelan model. A charismatic star interrupted a photo shoot to find out what’s going on.

The Venezuelan model “stolen” dress Lesya Nikityuk / screenshot

Approaching the mannequin, Lesya Nikityuk jokingly said, “This is my dress for tonight”. Embraced the model immediately turned to her Manager to resolve the misunderstanding. In the evening the TV presenter sparkled in a luxurious dress from Рronovias, however fashionable curiosity, perhaps, will be a good memory for guests from Venezuela.
Lesya Nikityuk on the display of a new collection Рronovias/ Instagram @lesia_nikituk

Prince Harry

Not spared a curious situation and members of the Royal family. So, Prince Harry in his birthday with his wife along with it went my best friend’s wedding – Charlie van Straubenzee. And although the Dukes of Sussex are gorgeous, in their images, the Network users noticed significant weaknesses.

During a public way, Meghan Markle unbuttoned button on a shirt, so the ex-actress trimmed lace underwear. But Prince Harry scored a loud curiosity. On a solemn occasion the Duke of Sussex wearing not new shoes. On the sole of the Prince could be seen a large hole, which caused laughter in the network. Haters said that now the grandson of Elizabeth II gives all money to wife’s wardrobe, so close to Megan soon be left bare.

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Publication from LIFESTYLE 24 (@lifestyle24ukraine) 7 August 2018 at 6:36 PM PDT

Meghan Markle

If the media made a rating of curiosities for the year, perhaps Meghan Markle would take in its first stage. Whether from a change of status, whether from the excessive attention of journalists, the Duchess of Sussex was caught on dozens of fashion failures.

In New Zealand pregnant Meghan Markle wore a dress from Givenchy, which had a sheer pleated skirt. In the sun all fans of the Royal family were able to see the underwear of the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle trimmed briefs / Getty Images

According to estimates of the media, the first joint tour of the Royal couple and cost of Buckingham Palace at least 75 thousand dollars. Such a tidy sum is the cost of branded attire, which lit Meghan Markle during his visits to the countries of the Commonwealth.

But the wife of Prince Harry could save on your wardrobe. This assumption was made by the Network users saw an uncut label luxury dress Duchess. People with humor have suggested that the former actress is losing its sheen back to the boutiques, using the rights of consumers. It is worth noting that this trick is resorted to by many Americans.

Fashion embarrassment assistants Meghan Markle fixed in a matter of minutes, however, the journalists managed to capture the fun the lack of the image of the Duchess.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle / Getty Images

Curious output Meghan Markle / Getty Images

Not less amusing was a joint visit Meghan Markle and Elizabeth II in Cheshire, where the representatives of the Royal family opened the bridge Mersey Gateway Bridge and the Storyhouse theater Theatre. However, the Duchess of Sussex’s transgression of etiquette and went on an official trip without a hat.

Apparently, Meghan Markle already in place understand why Buckingham Palace adheres to such rules. When the wind rose, the Duchess tried to keep their long hair and put them in order. However, this is the wife of Prince Harry failed to do.

Meghan Markle has violated the etiquette / Getty Images

Melania Trump

The US first lady also loves to surprise fans with an unusual exits. So, during her trip to Texas, where he organized a camp for refugee children, Melania trump wore a jacket with the words “I don’t care, do you?” This outfit turned out for President of the USA scandal, which made headlines around the world. Subsequently, the first lady explained that she intentionally wearing such a jacket.

I wore the jacket to get on a plane and go with it. The inscription was for the people and for the liberal media to show them: I really don’t. You won’t let me do what I think is right. It was a kind of message to them,
said Melania trump.

Melania trump in a controversial jacket / Panama Today

In addition, the first lady often does not pay attention to weather conditions, because for a spectacular exit she can even sacrifice the comfort. In particular, at the Helsinki summit of the beautiful Melania trump appeared in autumn coat, even though it was +28.

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Publication of First Lady Melania Trump (@flotus) 16 Jul 2018 2:14 PDT

Briggite Nielsen

But the actress Briggitte Nielsen, which is the ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone, brought plastic surgeons. 55-year-old star at a social event in Los Angeles lit up the square chest than pretty laugh network.

Actress Briggite Nielsen / Getty Images

Square chest ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone / Getty Images

Celebrities are not ideal people, so often become heroes funny news. Thus they not only glorified all over the world, but also raise the spirits of his fans and haters.

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