The former Prime Minister was accused of 2 counts of attempted rape

The former Prime Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, was accused of sexual harassment. Photo: TED Conference / Flickr

Former first Minister of Scotland, the 64-year-old Alex Salmond is accused of 2 counts of attempted rape and multiple sexual assaults.

In court in Edinburgh he was indicted on 14 charges. In particular, due to the violation of the order and indecent acts, reports The Guardian.

During the hearing the politician did not make any statements and was released on bail.

Outside of court, Salmond said that “not guilty in the Commission of any crime” and to protect themselves to the “maximum extent”.

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Salmond is under investigation by police Scotland since September last year. News of his arrest stunned the establishment of Holyrood. He is one of the most significant figures in modern British politics and for more than 20 years was the leader of the Scottish national party.

Salmond left his post after the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014. He returned to Westminster as member of Parliament in the following year, but lost office after early elections in 2017.

Since then he worked as a leading a talk show on Russian network Russia Today.


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