The former head of the General staff of Ukraine Zaman became a traitor, having started the military reform


Than annoy the current Ukrainian authorities of the former commander, who refused in February 2014 to use force to disperse the Maidan, remains a mystery. Officially, the military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios accuses Colonel-General that he, as chief of staff from 2012 to 2014, started the military reform, which resulted in the APU lost the combat capability and are unable to resist “Russian aggression”. Details this was reflected in the fact that Zaman signed the Directive, which “in 2014 was reduced by almost 17 thousand people, of which more than 14 thousand soldiers. This time it was disbanded more than 70 military units and formations”. In addition, “was disbanded anti-aircraft missile battalions, armed with were SAM C 300 V. Also was disbanded 874, 5001, 2081-th anti-aircraft missile battalions, 137-I and 208-I air defense missile brigade.” As a result, according to Matios , the country was left without defense. And this contributed to the loss of Crimea and then Donbas.

I must say that Vladimir Zaman, acting as a witness in case of treason of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, blamed for the surrender of Crimea to the then acting head of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov. The ex-chief of General staff for his services to the Euromaidan almost became the first post-revolutionary Minister of defense. But prevented lustration: well-wishers dug on the former commander of the heap of dirt. They reported that his General’s mansion on the shore of the sea of Azov was built at the expense of Zaporizhia military Commissariat, and for the construction of villas in Chernihiv region, he used military equipment and conscripts. Besides arranged in the grain positions close relatives. As a result, the defense Minister, the representative of the party “Freedom” Igor Tenyukh, who flip-flopped on the Crimea. During the same interrogation in the case of Yanukovych Zaman told the judges that the APU at that time was quite efficient: “the Total number of 163 thousand., about 100 thousand were combat-ready… In the Crimea there were about 12 thousand Ukrainian soldiers of all arms.” According to him, it was necessary to give the command to fire, but that the military command is not received, and the Crimea was surrendered without a fight, because “the new government at this time was not to the Crimea, because there are shared portfolios.”. Perhaps because of these words of Vladimir Zaman is now trying to do “extreme”.

Although the situation is funny. Zaman knocks the blame for the surrender of the Crimea, Turchynov and Tenyukh and another former head of the General staff Yuri Ilyin, who became chief after his predecessor in February 2014, says that the Crimea, Turchynov handed with Tamanoi. That’s what he told the court in the case of Yanukovych: “27.02.2014 at 04.30 after getting my report of the operations duty officer of the GCC armed forces of Ukraine on the seizure of the unknown administrative and public institutions in the city of Simferopol I gave an oral order to bring the Armed forces of Ukraine in combat readiness “Full”. I reported in Zaman V. M., who at that time held the position of Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada on issues of defense of Ukraine. According to my information, Tamanoi V. M., in agreement with the Turchynov, on the same day, it was decided to lower the degree of readiness of troops in the Crimea from “Full” to “Permanent”, as the command of the Ukrainian Navy has received a telegram, signed by Colonel-General Vorobyov G. P.”.

In short, in the busy February days the entire leadership of the defense Ministry took a strange and inexplicable decision, that is, in fact, be tried for treason need everyone who was at the helm, including the current head of the security Council Turchynov. However, arrest for treason, only those who are beneficial at this time.

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