The football world prays for the fat

Gianluigi Buffon. Photo:

Argentine footballer, pilot and the plane itself was not found.

Their search stopped on Thursday evening. But hope is not lost.

Termination of the search operation

Light aircraft Piper PA-46 “Malibu” with the newcomer Welsh, “Cardiff” – Argentine striker emiliano Sala – aboard Monday night, flew from Nantes to Cardiff at 19:15 local time. An hour communication with the aircraft was lost – in this moment he was over the territorial waters of Guernsey island in the English channel.

The search operation continued for four days, but the positive results did not bring the Guernsey police found no trace of the aircraft. On Thursday evening, the search has been officially stopped, officially, the football player and pilot (in addition to them, the plane was empty) dead is not recognized. But the chances of finding them are minimal.

However, fans and football stars refuse to believe the death of Sala and urge those responsible to continue the search.

Please sister Amy

His appeal to Instagram published by the sister of a missing football player, Romina:

– Hello, my name is Romina Fat, I’m the sister of emiliano. I ask each of you to please help me with a tweet, a Facebook status or a photo – anything, but will ask the police not to stop search operation. We have to find him! Please join forces! Help me, he’s alive! I beg you, please help me!

The Statement Of “Nantes”

Made a statement and former club Sala, “Nantes”. On his official page in Instagram there was a picture of the team along with the coaching staff and fans with the caption:

– Nantes have learned about the abandonment of the search for the missing plane. But he can’t be stopped. The club and its fans demand continue the search for emiliano Sala for his family and all the rest. Together for Amy!

In addition, the captain of the “Canaries” of valence Ronge announced that the club is going to organize events in memory of the Fat. According to him, the team hope that the player is still alive.

– We will not do a single minute of silence, no applause, because we still have hope, – quotes Ronge press service of “Nantes”.

The petition

On the eve on the website was a petition for the resumption of the search for the missing novice, “Cardiff”. At the moment it is signed by more than 63 thousand people, and new labels appear every 40-50 seconds.

The reaction of the football stars

Not remained aloof and famous players.

Lionel Messi

Argentine striker “Barcelona” posted a photo of Sala’s signature in storis:

– Still chance, and there is even the shadow of hope of success, we ask you – please don’t stop the search for emiliano. Heartily Express support for his family and friends.

Gigi Buffon

The Italian goalkeeper of PSG was photographed with a t-shirt, emiliano and put the hashtag “pray for Salu”.

Laurent Koscielny

The French defender of “Arsenal” was posted on Twitter a picture with the words “Please continue” and “Search for emiliano” and signed it:

– Unite all together, to renew search for missing emiliano Sala – for himself and his family.

Erik Lamela

The Argentine winger, Tottenham along with two other players, “spurs” from Argentina defender Juan Foyt and goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga, recorded a video message:

Hello, everyone. I, Paulo, and Juan want to support the campaign for continued searches emiliano Sala and airline pilot Dave Ibbotson and tell their families that we are with them at this difficult time. I hope the search will resume to find any answer.

Wissam Ben Yedder

French forward “Seville”, which recently celebrated a goal against Barcelona in a Cup match (2:0), showing a shirt in support of the Sala with the inscription: “to My brother. Of power to you, E. Sala,” wrote in his Twitter:

– Never give up. #propagationlocation

Diego Maradona

Legend of Argentinean football posted a photo of missing player in Instagram:

– The hope never dies. Do not stop to look for emiliano Sala.

Yegor BYCHKOV, Sport-Express

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