The first League. “Sumy” remain in the championship for the season 2017/18

PFK “Sumy”


PFK “Sumy” in the return match of the playoffs in the First League played a draw with the “Balkans” from the Odessa region, however, has maintained residence in the First League in season 2017/18.

The first match between “Balkans” and “Sumy” ended with a confident victory of the second (2:0). Therefore, in order next season to play in the First League, “the Balkans” had to make the present feat. That, however, was not possible.

The 1-1 draw allowed the “Amount” one more season for the second power division of Ukraine.

The first League. The playoffs . The return match

“The Balkans” (dawn) — PFK “Sumy” 1:1 (0:2)

Goals: Ursulenko, 40 (1:0), Bogachev, 84, pen (1:1)

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