The fire burned the man, has three persons got to hospital

The fire burned the whole family. Photo: SSES of Ukraine.

Two children and one adult died in the fire.

Sche three people were injured, reports a press-service gschs of Ukraine.

The victims mother, grandmother and two year-old boy was taken to the hospital, the father, another son and daughter died in the fire.

As reported by rescuers, the fire started in the April 6, 5:39 o’clock, it was extinguished before 9 am.

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“At the scene of the fire discovered the bodies of three people, including two children (father born in 1973, a boy born 2011 and a girl born in 2009) and injured three people, including one child (mother, born in 1982, grandmother, 1960, boy 2017 birth) “, – rescuers reported.

The fire damaged the building, furniture and belongings of the victims.

In Exactly a fighting pit bull attacked 4-year-old boy on the Playground. Small mom and younger sister came back from the garden.

The dog first sniffed the child, the owner was reassured that the dog is safe. And then the pit bull attacked the boy and bit into his leg. Independently owner to pull the animal couldn’t so I ran to the aid passer. Only together they forced the dog to release the child, according to TSN.

Now the baby is in the hospital with deep lacerations of the legs.


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