The final show of “dancing with the stars 2018”: as participants prepare for the Grand release photos

Today, 25 November, the whole country will see a spectacular show as the finale of “Dancing with the stars 2018”. To live hours, so the participants are getting ready to go on the floor.

As you know, for the main Cup show “dancing with the stars 2018” will compete Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov, Igor Lastochkin and Ilona Gvozdeva, Irakli Makatsaria and Jan Hare. All the dancers during the week, persistently, is preparing to release, to show flawless the PA on the floor.

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Note that during the latest edition of “dancing with the stars 2018” participants will show three numbers. In particular, your first dance, the spectacular setting during participation in the project and new dance.

Irakli Makatsaria admitted to Elle magazine that the output from the show main rival Pavel Vishnyakov did not get him to relax. The producer is intensively preparing for the show, despite the injury during the semifinals.

Injuries, of course, interfere. After my last flip in the air I’m still recovering. But I will do everything so that the viewer does not notice the pain
– admitted Irakli Makatsaria.

Irakli Makatsaria on “dancing with the stars 2018”

Irakli Makatsaria and Jan Hare

Irakli Makatsaria-training to the finals of “dancing with the stars 2018”

Hard training and the main favorite of the show – Igor Swallow. The comedian admitted that by the end of the project with Ilona hammer produced spectacular performances that will captivate the audience.

“The advantages of feel, but we feel power we are ready to tear! In the final, will take more technique, charisma, mood and the dance”, – said Igor Lastochkin.

Igor Lastochkin that Ilona Gvozdeva

Training Igor Lastochkin

The finale of “dancing with the stars 2018” – preparation

But Lesya Nikityuk admitted that the show “dancing with the stars 2018” helped her believe in yourself, because the support of the audience is the success of the artist.

“The show “dancing with the stars” and huge audience support – this is what helped me even more to believe in myself and improve as an artist 100%. Having traveled halfway around the world, I was able to talk with dancers, singers and actors. And you know what I concluded? The real artists are Pro in everything! They are developed to diversify: when you sing, when you need to – dance, play and improvise. I try to improve myself in this direction. I’m a sincere man, and such a format does not like. Nothing in life was given to me just like that. But in the semifinals, I realized that in life everything is possible,” – said Lesya Nikityuk.


Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov

Preparing for the finale of “dancing with the stars 2018”

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