The film “Aquaman” has become one of the most profitable feeds DC Comics: revenue of $ 822 million

American action adventure “Aquaman”, which was released just two weeks ago, is already breaking records at the box office. In such a short period amount of income was 822 million dollars, which allowed him to set a record in the universe of DC Comics.

Crazy about fantastic income American film “Aquaman” with Jason Momoa and amber heard reports the Mashable. Two weeks of box-office takings of the film are 822 million dollars.

In 2017, such a large amount collected film “Wonder woman”, which was also based on the history of the character by DC Comics. Income films made 821,8 million dollars. By the way, the film “Wonder woman” was in second place after a fantastic film “Batman vs. Superman”, which grossed $ 873 million. Now the “Aquaman” took second place in the ranking of the most profitable movies of DC Comics.

The plot of the film, Arthur Curry born in the family of the warden of the lighthouse, feels different from peers. Dying, his mother Atlanna confirmed his suspicions, revealing secrets. In fact, she is the Queen of Atlantis, which long ago expelled to the land. So her son Arthur is destined to become the ruler of the seven seas. Stunned the guy did not know what to expect. He receives education in a regular school and in parallel develops his superpowers – great strength and the ability to talk to fish. Later Arthur meets the girl of the Mayor, which he will go in search of the legendary Trident.


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