The fighter sent to Korea a U.S. aircraft carrier and fell into the sea

In the Celebes sea in Southeast Asia, between Indonesia and the Philippines, the collapse of a deck fighter-bomber F/A-18E Super Hornet from the American aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” (USS Carl Vinson) directed toward the Korean Peninsula against the background of aggravation of the situation around North Korea.

photo: pixabay.com

As confirmed by representatives of the Navy of the United States, the crash occurred when the plane of the second deck wing flew to the aircraft carrier. The pilot managed to eject safely into the sea, where it was picked up by a rescue helicopter from an aircraft carrier.

In a statement, the Seventh fleet of the U.S. Navy reported that it was a “routine flight” during transport through the Celebes sea.

“The incident is now under investigation, the statement of the 7th fleet. The pilot was viewed by medics on Board the USS Carl Vinson, and the obvious damage he discovered was not.”

Strike group headed by the USS Carl Vinson is headed to the Korean Peninsula amid serious tensions over Pyongyang conducted nuclear and missile tests. “Carl Vinson” is accompanied by anti-submarine ship equipped with system “aegis” (Aegis) to track and intercept missiles.

Hike of the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”, entered the fleet in 1982, seeks to show North Korea the strength of the American military machine.

Earlier this ship of the type “Nimitz” was involved in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the official version, on Board USS Carl Vinson delivered the body is eliminated in the Pakistani Abbottabad Osama bin Laden and buried at sea.

As reported by Fox News, his arrival in the region is expected next week. Since last week, according to this information, the carrier moves from Singapore to sea of Japan, making stops in Asia on the way. However, in mass media there was information that the “Carl Vinson” and its accompanying strike group was actually moving to the Korean Peninsula, and in the other direction. In any case, Pacific command of the US armed forces stated that the strike group must first complete joint exercises with the Australian military. Probably Donald trump, announcing sending “a very powerful Armada” to the shores of Korea, a little rushed. However, the Pentagon has promised that the carrier will reach the Korean Peninsula, and the Minister of defense of the United States James Mattis in this regard, said: “We’re doing exactly what, as we said, are going to do. They will go to the destination”.

By the way, this incident was the victims of the crash of the aircraft – not the first in the history of the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. In September 2014, two carrier-based fighter f/A-18 “hornet” crashed in the Western Pacific ocean. While not without casualties among the pilots.

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