The famous judge is the accuser of Golnik re-gathered in Antiquorum

The famous judge is the accuser of Golnik re-gathered in Antiquorum
15:29 Telegraph Today, UNIAN Photo: Facebook news of Ukraine: Poltava judge Larisa Golnik re-filed an application to participate in the competition in the Higher anti-corruption court.

Judge of Kastrychnitski district court of Poltava Larissa Golnik not abandoned the intention to become a judge of the Supreme court anti-corruption .

This judge Golnik announced on his page in Facebook.

“Sent to the High qualification Commission of judges an application for the return of me to the tender for the selection of judges of the Supreme anti-corruption court,” she said.

Golnik also published a photo of his claim. In it, in particular, stating that the Higher qualification Commission of judges in November 2018 Golnik refused admission to the qualification assessment to a judge of a High court anti-corruption. The reason for this was that on may 23, 2018 it was disciplined for a message in Facebook that at the time of submission of documents in Higher anti-corruption court was not repaid. Golnik also noted that the High qualification Commission of judges drew attention to the fact that the law on corruption prevention ensures the protection of persons the accusers from prosecution.

Completed the selection of candidates in the anti-corruption court of Ukraine

Gollnick noted that on January 17, 2019, the Grand chamber of the Supreme court reversed the decision of the High Council of justice about the disciplinary penalty imposed on her. In this context, she asked qualification Commission of judges to allow her to contest, “to set the date of passing me anonymous written test and perform practical tasks”.

We will remind, recently Golnik received in great Britain special award of the international non-governmental organizations as a judge and accuser.

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