The F-35: a record outside of competition

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The numbers speak for themselves.

In October last year in the article “Total domination: the American fighter F-35 Lockheed Martin captures the market”, I noted that the us fifth generation fighter F-35 become the most mass, reducing thereby potential competitors. For example, such as the Russian su-57 or the Chinese J-20, which, in truth, in its current form more pull on a generation 4++, rather than a full fifth.

And, absolutely nothing surprising in the fact, at the end of 2019, the F-35 has set a record for production.

So, according to the report, Lockheed Martin, in the past, 2019 in the factory in Fort worth, in Texas, was built and delivered to customers 134 multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation F-35. Let me remind you that in 2018, the plant produced 91истребитель.

It is noteworthy that out of 134 built fighter 53 was sent for export, as the program of the fifth generation fighter, and according to the program of Foreign Military Sales.

Also, due to this the demand for the F-35 and its smooth, mass production, was able to significantly reduce the price of the aircraft. In particular, the price of the F-35A was reduced from $82,4 million to $77,9 million for F-35B from $108 million to $101,3 million, and the F-35C with a of $103.1 million to $94.4 million.

Thus, today in the world have already put “on the wing” 490 F-35 fighter. At the same time the operation of these fighters, with the common touch, more than 240 thousand hours, was recorded only two accidents, in 2018, in the area of aviation station “Beaufort” in South Carolina and 2019 in the base “Misawa” in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

Against this background, frankly, not the best looks, the situation with the su-57, fighter, clearly so raw that even the first production aircraft with tail number 01 “blue” was irretrievably lost. Of course, the loss of the first serial su-57, the total number of aircraft from 11 units tried to compensate for ambiguous according to the degree of implementation of history about the readiness of Algeria to buy these machines for their air force. But is it worth it?

The question, really, is very relevant. Because the loss of one aircraft 11 is produced, the production of which started in 2010, is clearly not going as the speed of order execution on 14 units for the air forces of Algeria, and quality, and most importantly – reliability of products supplied. Because, again, 1 accident on 11 vehicles (su-57) and 2 accident at 490 (F-35).

Therefore, attempts “hybrid fighter” in the export arena is highly touching. Especially against the background that in 2020, Lockheed Martin intends to issue on-mountain for more than 140 F-35 fighter, with annual production growth to 2023.

What else is there to say. Dry and, in some severe figures speak for themselves.

Alexander Kovalenko,