The expert explained, who should install the meters for gas

Without counters, there are approximately 3 million consumers. Photo: Luvshy portal

Ukrainians have long needed to abandon the strange and the transcendental norms of gas consumption. Pay only for the consumed resource. But the government takes a strange decision. Enables the monopolist of “Naftogaz” to deal with another monopoly – gas companies, said energy expert , Maria Yakovleva.

“To provide Ukrainians with counters, had to be back in 2014 to take the appropriate state program. To determine the responsible authority, which monitors the open purchase and installation of meters. It is advisable to be loaded with Ukrainian enterprises. Then we would see that the counters can determine not only the gas companies and independent companies with appropriate licenses,” – said Maria Yakovleva.

Without counters, there are approximately 3 million consumers. According to the law “On commercial accounting of natural gas” they need to provide metering devices prior to 1 January 2021.

“According to the national Commission for regulation of energy and communal services the average for the country in the framework of the distribution tariff can be set 200 thousand meters per year. To 2021-th unrealistic to provide them all consumers. Not all of the money from the tariff go to the counters, and only a small component. It is necessary to raise the tariff. And it’s a sensitive issue,” explains energy expert.

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According to her, to set the counters under the state program would cost at the level of UAH 16 billion. The cost and installation of a meter – about 4 thousand UAH.

“How much Naftogaz is not clear. At the same time, the company already stated that they will not install meters for the money. This will be done exclusively for the public funds. As an option, Naftogaz offered to reduce the payment of dividends to the state budget. In addition, requires that the approved financial plan. For 2 years the government does not, because it is not in accordance with the company’s costs,” concludes Maria Yakovleva.

The Cabinet proposed “Naftogaz” to provide all households with individual gas meters. At the same time, them before 1 January 2018 was to establish a regional gas companies. Later, the time shifted to 1 January 2021. Funds for the installation of metering devices incorporated in the tariff for payment of gas consumed. Therefore, the regional gas companies are obliged to set them free.


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