The expert explained the terms on which Ukraine can negotiate with Russia about gas

Michael Potter: the strategic goal of the Kremlin is to throw Ukraine out of the transit system. Photo: UNIAN

The current gas contract is absolutely not acceptable for us. Moreover, Russia and performed.

This commentary for says energy expert Michael Potter.

“The strategic goal of the Kremlin is to throw Ukraine out of the transit system. Gazprom will delay the signing of a new agreement. To talk about renegotiation and flirt with Europe. After the end of the existing agreements, perhaps a few years, and will stand a certain transit through Ukraine. But this is only because the Russians can’t use Nord stream-2. Once that happens, deliveries through Ukraine stopped altogether.

Every year, the Kremlin has not fulfilled the points of the existing contract. Therefore, “Naftogaz” appealed to the Stockholm arbitration. But his decision Moscow is in no hurry to implement it,” – explains the expert.

In his opinion, now there is a certain solidarity in actions between the EU and Ukraine.

“I try to push and force Russia to sign a new contract. But the support of Europe is insignificant. It is only in words and not in deeds.

It is important to maintain our principled position after the election. But in may will be the election of a new Parliament. That will form the new composition of the European Commission. It is very important that she continued to support Ukraine. Our European friends are often “hybrid”. We still need to put pressure on Russia, to lobby for a new contract and do everything to prevent the commissioning of Nord stream-2.

I hope that the US will initiate powerful sanctions against Russia over Nord stream-2. Europeans can’t stand up to Russia, Austria and Germany permanently block the sanctions decision. The Kremlin wins where there is no consolidated position. It is this atmosphere now in Europe,” says Michael Potter.

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In the end, the contract with “Gazprom” – is not important for us, he said.

“There is no guarantee that the Russians not to violate it again. If the EU had the political will, would be much simpler. The EU could force European clients of “Gazprom” to change the contracts with Russia about delivery of gas. Transfer it to the Russian-Ukrainian border. Then our gas transmission operator signed contracts on the provision of services with the European partners “Gazprom”. And would not have with the Russian Corporation business directly. In a financial sense, this scheme is profitable for Russia. But Gazprom has long ceased to be purely economic structure. Therefore, it is unlikely to agree to that,” adds the expert.

On January 21 in Brussels held a meeting of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission on the transportation of gas from Russia to Europe through Ukraine. The current contract between “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom” will expire on 31 December 2019.


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