The expert assessed the Pompeo plans to extend the start-3: America is not necessary

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“There are some minor difficulties, but overall both Russia and the United States observe the start-III Clinton said. We are at a very early stage of negotiations about prolongation of the contract.”

Earlier Pompeo stressed that Moscow does not comply with the other nuclear Treaty — RSDM. Those charges were the reason for the US withdrawal from the agreement that was made, and Russia. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in the beginning of January said: there are serious doubts that Washington intends to extend the start-III. The same was warned and experts. What was the reason for the sudden change of course? And whether you believe the words of Pompeo?

– United States experience psychological pressure from its allies, due to the fact that the inability of tramp, — said in comments to “MK” head of Department of European security, Institute of Europe Dmitry DANILOV. — Therefore, they need to demonstrate the doors closed, and at least a willingness to talk. What they are doing. Another thing, if they want really to negotiate about strategic arms. I have the impression that they do not need. The us withdrawal from the INF Treaty radically changes the attitude to start-III. Demonstration of willingness to negotiate does not give any assurances that the United States seriously intend to move to this direction. For Washington, after all Russia’s response will be beneficial. If Moscow says, “Yes, we will negotiate”, it strengthens the position of trump, regardless, will be able to reach an agreement or not. If Russia refuses, it will be removed from the trump great deal of responsibility and complaints from the European allies.

Mike Pompeo also added that in the negotiations on the extension of the agreement to include China. However, it is not clear why. After all, the main point of start-III is a restriction of deployed nuclear warheads by Russia and the US to 1,550 units. It is believed that China has only around 280 nuclear warheads.

USA constantly make references to China, this is not surprising — continues to Dmitry Danilov. This may be an attempt to ingratiate himself with Beijing, show that he to Washington is very important and he is willing to consider its interests. Thus, without any obligations highlights the status of China. But the real policy I don’t see it. This is a political and diplomatic maneuvers, for them there is no desire to achieve any practical results from the point of view of ensuring of the regime of arms control.

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