The earth is threatened collision with asteroid Apophis, said Russian astrophysicists


Apophis was opened in 2004 at the Observatory Kitt Peak in Arizona, and a year is named after the ancient Egyptian God Apophis, a huge serpent, the destroyer, who lives in the dark underworld. Some time ago, about the likelihood of future collisions of the cosmic object with the Earth have already stated experts from the American space Agency NASA. For some time they assumed that a collision may occur in 2029 or 2036. In this case, the diameter of the crater would be about six kilometers in radius of ten kilometers from the crash site was destroyed even fortified buildings and subway tunnels, and some of the destruction would have been visible within a radius of up to 120 kilometers.

Later, scientists came to the conclusion that the probability of Earth collision with asteroid Apophis in 2029 or 2036 tends to zero. However, Russian experts in the new study came to the conclusion that in 2068 Apophis may indeed fall to the Ground — at least, that’s what the convergence of astrophysics called the most dangerous of the awaiting planet in the foreseeable future .

With regard to 2029, the Russian scientists said that at the point of maximum approach distance will be about 38 thousand kilometers. This is about ten times smaller than the distance from the Earth to the moon and two hundred times closer than is necessary to space object could be classified as “potentially dangerous.”

Your scientists report prepared in order to present it during the Moscow readings on cosmonautics at the end of January.

To date “the most dangerous” for the Earth discovered space objects is the asteroid Bennu, which opened in 2013. It is assumed that in the period between 2169 and 2199 years, the likely impact will be approximately one to four thousand. Not long ago, the asteroid reached the automatic station OSIRIS-REx.

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