The driver decided to down a giant snowman and crashed into a tree


The American driver from Kentucky survived the incident, which is called “quick karma”. He wanted to carry in his car a huge snowman, and the result at full speed and crashed into a tree.

Giant snowman in Kentucky was built on top of a stump, but the driver tried to crash into him, did not think about it. Cody Lutz (Lutz Cody) built a snowman with his family and posted a photo to Facebook.

The snowman a big smile and his arms and stick raised fun. However, most of the “body” is the remnant of an old tree. On Monday, Lutz shared another Facebook post – this time with the tire tracks leading to the snowman. The bottom third was partially broken, tree trunk naked.

“Life is hard when you’re stupid,” wrote Lutz, explaining that the driver who tried to destroy his creation, actually crashed into a tree and not a lump of snow. “Probably,” he learned a good lesson,” said the American.