The dress code in the summer – what you should wear to the office

In the office you need to create a business environment, so you should wear business suits, skirts, dresses, blouses, and perfume.

Summer is best to wear light shades. The office is allowed to wear a suit of white, vanilla, sudovogo, lavender, light gray, cream colors, pastel shades.

Women, apart from the usual classic trousers, you can wear Capri pants, culottes, linen pants, trousers-bananas, flared trousers and a dozen variants of the jeans.

This season is better to give preference to the free dresses, and dresses around-wallets boring designs says

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I love this dress-jackets, models of natural linen.

Instead of boring black classic skirt can be worn high jeans.

Don’t overdo the perfume excessively, because someone may not like your smell, but a little unobtrusive odor can and should be. Avoid the frankly sweet, sexy or “edible” fragrances.

To add a personality – append image accessories with the help of scarves or necklaces.

Shoes choose a comfortable and closed. The office is not suitable sandals with open toes.

It is important to learn how to form the business image, if you respect the company and want to be successful in your career.


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