The dollar fell to a record from April 2018

During the day, the dollar fell by 17 kopecks. Photo:

The dollar is cheaper from April 2018. The national Bank for July 5, has set the official rate of around 25.87 UAH/USD.

The day the us currency fell by 17 kopecks. 4 Jul 26,04 cost UAH/USD, reported the national Bank.

To cheapen the dollar began in late July. In June, on the contrary, the rate grew. June 5 27.20 UAH/USD.

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Since the beginning of year the dollar has fallen by 6.6%, or 1.81 UAH. 1 January cost 27,68 UAH.

The hryvnia strengthened through the sale of Treasury bonds of internal state loan. Also, foreign investors actively bought up the hryvnia, the Egyptian pound and securities denominated in these currencies.

Until 2020, the dollar in Ukraine will rise in price to 30,6 UAH. At the end of 2019, the us currency would have an average cost of 28.8 UAH/USD, according to a study by the international rating Agency Fitch.


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