The divers swam in Hawaii with a record great white shark


Great white sharks can grow to huge sizes. In Hawaii, divers removed the video as they swim near representative of this species the record size.

For divers in Hawaii, it could be an incredible discovery to swim with this dangerous predator, and even that huge. A group of divers near Oahu followed tiger sharks that fed on decomposed sperm whale, when they discovered the great white shark about 6 feet in length. It is believed that this is the legendary Deep Blue, which is the oldest white shark in the world.

“I have no words; it’s awesome; it is probably the most delicate, beautiful species I have ever seen” – said the head of a group of diver ocean Ramsey (Ocean Ramsey). Marine experts looking at her photos and confirmed that it was a Deep Blue.

In 2014, the Discovery magazine published an article about Deep Blue, which said that the shark – the largest individual of the species, its length is more than 6 meters, and age is at least 50 years.