The disappearance of the journalist from a submarine: the submarine rose to the surface

In Denmark, raised from the bottom of the sunken private submarine “Nautilus”. Police examined the vehicle, but no sign of the missing Swedish journalist Kim wall were not found.
This was during a special briefing said the representative of the Copenhagen police, who will investigate the case, informs “Medusa”.
In a submarine no one, neither living nor dead, – said the representative of the Danish police Jens müller Jensen reporters.
The police assured that they continue to look for the missing journalist does not stop the search, both on land and at sea.
The representative of police of Copenhagen Jens müller Jensen at the briefing also said that the owner of the submarine,, Peter Madsen, who was arrested on suspicion of the murder wall, changed his testimony.
Previously, Madsen claimed that the evening of 10 August, the planted wall on the shore at the pier in Copenhagen. However, as he now explains the mysterious disappearance of the journalist with his submarine, the police did not specify.

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