The diet of most beautiful women in the world: it feeds Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world. This is the results of a large-scale survey conducted by the American magazine Vanity Fair. Almost 60% of people voted for Jolie. No other candidate received ten percent. To achieve such results, we need not only “good” genetics, but the appropriate lifestyle, self-care and of course diet.

Victory Angelina – quite predictable. She, frankly, looks luxurious. For several decades the place of the actress in the tops of the most beautiful, sexy, attractive zabetonirovana. What is the role Jolie was not translated to the screen, it will be tempting.

This form of Angelina supports due to the special food philosophy. The star actress does not hide it. On the contrary – carefully popularitywith.


Angelina Jolie

Menu Of Angelina Jolie

► Spelt

Menu Mrs Smith consists of so-called ancient grains. Among them, for example, wild wheat spelt. This plant does not accept any fertilizer. Therefore, if it’s in your plate, you can be sure that eating a completely organic product.

Cooked spelt / photo/

► Chia seeds

In Jolie’s diet includes Chia seeds. Recent studies have questioned the reality of the extremely useful properties of this product, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Its main disadvantage – high cost, and Hollywood stars is certainly not a problem.

Chia seeds


But in addition to these unusual to many plants, and Angelina eats that regularly gets on the table and Ukrainian families. Millet and common buckwheat. Yes, Yes. Common for most of us, buckwheat has become an important opening for the star actress. Despite the fact that this cereal is much cheaper than, for example, the newfangled quinoa. Benefits for the body – not much less. And in some aspects even more.

In buckwheat contains iodine, which you will not find in quinoa. Buckwheat even contains, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, B vitamins and, of course, complex carbohydrates. And rutin, which strengthens our blood vessels. There’s also enough fiber. Find the buckwheat is for people with diabetes. This cereal is a little bit, but still reduces the level of sugar. In addition, the buckwheat filling. To eat – do not add the pounds.

In supermarkets in many developed countries buckwheat emblazoned in the Department of Superfoods. Almost in pharmacies. However, it most of green, unroasted buckwheat. Many find it useful. Well, they say production is not processed, and therefore harmful elements are not added. This statement is absolutely groundless. Various studies persistently urge: brown and green variants of this rice is still cool to the human body. Moreover, our usual buckwheat to cook easier and faster.

Brown and green buckwheat

Options of dishes with buckwheat – very much:

  • meat
  • with vegetables,
  • a variety of soups,
  • and even dessert: just mix in a blender the fruits and buckwheat,
  • even buckwheat tea.

In short, choose what you like.

But history, that buckwheat magically makes cancer is nothing more than a common myth. Its source is quercetin, which contains buckwheat. This substance in experiments on animals really showed some antitumor activity. But to get any significant dose of quercetin from food is just unreal. In person so will not fit. Here’s why buckwheat is not an option. Cancer will not save. But it will help to maintain a good shape and just stay healthy. This, of course, if you do not go to extremes. As did Jolie.

As Jolie scared of their fans

Angelina was forced to seriously worry his fans. Busy schedule of the superstar, stress and physical activity – all this is a common thing for actors in Hollywood. But Jolie decided that in such circumstances a great idea to keep yourself in the range of 60 kcal per day. The result is quite predictable. The tabloids started to report that the actress’s health problems. It was said: angelina urgently hospitalized. Was taken to a psychiatric hospital. There the star helped to overcome bulimia and anorexia. With the growth of 170 centimeters, weight of stars supposedly dropped to 35 pounds.

How close to the truth of all these rumors is uncertain. And pale, lean look of the actress really scared her fans, and the stories and relatives. Now, however, the situation is under control. Jolie returns to normal, the native settings. And it is logical. In the end, the most beautiful woman on the planet angelina was admitted when she was healthy and energetic.


Angelina Jolie for Harper’s Bazaar in 2019


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