The developed technology of glowing letters in the sky

— At first, the total number of cube-Sats mini satellite, which will gather slogans, or drawings, can vary from 180 to 300 depending on the amount of investment, — explains the author of the idea. — Each satellite will play the role of Pisces in the image, and in order to built a line of them seemed inseparable, the distance between them should not exceed 114-116 meters. In the spring these calls can start to fly suborbital (distance from the Ground to 100 km).

During the day the satellite constellation can change the image a total of three times. To do this, the satellites do not need to readjust in space — enough to lay down or dissolve the segments of the reflectors of the light. The length of the display of celestial images will not exceed six minutes after the satellites flying at cosmic speed, will go beyond the horizon.

— Our image area of 50 square meters, which will fantastic look at the dark sky, should be readable, and it means to reveal our reflectors we or dusk, when the majority of people still awake, or early in the morning — says Sitnikov . Those times of day is also important because the brightness of the satellites depends on the Sun, reflected in his reflectors.

— It will not hurt your bright “print cluster” astronomical observations or space station flight?

— First, we are not going to enable it over Observatory after Observatory, where, as a rule, no audience, we will remind, public need, and therefore, it will be the cities, where not conducted astronomical observations. Secondly, the existence of the picture will be so small that didn’t prevent the scientists to observe the starry sky. As for ISS, we won’t compete for a place on the orbit all of our coordinates will be known in advance to the staff of the MCC, that will help avoid collisions, and more than a minor interference in the work of the station.

— We have not yet worked out the project in detail, so what engines are installed on devices have not decided yet, — said researcher space center “Skoltech” Nicholas Mullin. — The main difficulty that we have to overcome in the creation of the group, is the parallel movement of all satellites in space. At the present time in the world this problem is solved only for five vehicles. We also have to synchronize more hundreds of cube-Sats.

Incidentally, with regard to visible range of labels, it will spread only 40 km away And the size of each of the satellite — 20х20х30 see

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