The detention of the “American spy” in Russia: lawyer says rigged proof

The lawyer of the detained in Russia on charges of espionage American Paul Whelan said that the main prosecution evidence was tampered with.

About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

Previously on 24 channel wrote that the Russian Federal security service announced the arrest in Moscow of a US citizen Paul Whelan. He is suspected of espionage. It is known that Russian officials did not report any details about the “spying” men, except that he was detained at the time of giving him a USB flash drive with a secret list of Russian agents.

Lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov said his client Paul Whelan believed that get handed to him on a flash card open information and cultural destination, the data and the memories of his previous visits to Russia. Counsel argues that Paul didn’t know that the flash drive was classified material constituting a state secret. According to him, the investigation did not provide evidence that Whelan knew about the secrecy actually received materials.

I should add that Zherebenkov said that Paul Whelan for the past ten years often came to Russia to visit cultural and historical places. All of his contacts in Russia – purely domestic.

By the way, the defendant at trial pleaded not guilty and denied the prosecution’s case.

In addition, said the Lawyer also said that now the investigation has led to know of spying for what country accuse Whelan, because he has, in addition to U.S. citizenship, citizenship Canada, UK and Ireland.

What is known about Paul Whelan?
The twin brother of a detainee David Whelan said that 48-year-old Paul Whelan arrived in Moscow on 22 December for a wedding. He said his brother’s innocence no doubt have family and friends hope that he will provide all rights.

However, the twin brother of the alleged spy could not confirm to CBC News, or is he really a citizen of Canada. It is worth adding that Whelan had visited the U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman. He offered support and assistance to the arrested.

In addition, the marine Corps of the United States published additional information about Whelan. According to records, wheelan joined the Marines in 1994 and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2004. He was administrative Manager and was involved in the war against Iraq for several months in 2004 and 2006.

A special military court in January 2008, he was convicted of theft, and in December 2008 he was fired for bad behavior at the rank of private. The details of the accusations of theft were not published.

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