The detention of ex-Minister Ishayev marked shift of the vertical of power


I am not surprised to perceived detention “efficient young Manager,” Chubais call Mikhail Abyzov. I have friends from among the MIA veterans who were waiting for this moment, still starting at least since 1999. But the arrest of Viktor Ishayev, frankly, shocked me. Ishayev is among the politicians of boulders, politicians, legends, management giants, who saved Russia from total collapse in the 90s. Viktor Ishayev was not a man with whom you can easily agree. Even the procedure of its appointment to the post of the head of administration of Khabarovsk territory in the autumn of 1991 resulted in very atypical for our corridors of power scandal. Hearing from the mouth of the then head of the control Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation Valery Makharadze, Yeltsin signed a decree on his appointment, Ishaev was “thanks for trust”, and began rather to make a complaint: “Why wasn’t I consulted?” According to the memoirs of participants of those events, over these altercations the fact that hot, but broke down and shouting ” come on …here!” chased the shrew the new appointee from his office.

From the office in the White house accustomed, apparently, to this manner of communication during her work in production, Viktor Ishayev was released without further ADO. But the post of master of the Khabarovsk territory he left for almost 18 years. Why Ishayev stayed so long in this difficult position? The answer lies in the events that occurred almost immediately after his arrival in the provincial government. As I told Khabarovsk veteran, winter 1991-92 were in the city very heavy. Worn-out Soviet infrastructure was failed: pipe burst here and there. Trying to keep warm, people lit bonfires in the streets. Assistance from the Federal center was pointless to wait. All Russia was a zone of continuous crisis. To save their regions from very very terrible fate could only heads of administrations( then called governors) who were able to rely on their own strength and were not afraid to take responsibility.

Ishaev — not afraid. On its territory, possessed the tough and demanding nature of the Governor is trying to control everything and everyone. But it was not the bullies and was always open for communication. My friends from Khabarovsk remember Ishayev as a patriot of his small homeland and its great, a real statesman, the man who saved the region, social programs in the most difficult years for the country. From the above, of course, does not mean that the arrested ex-Governor is not to blame for the fact that he is now presenting. This implies something else: in the circles of the Russian elite Victor Ishaev was a man with a very high informal status. The former Governor of Khabarovsk was the figure of one row with Luzhkov, Shaimiev, Rakhimov, and other “grandfathers”, which are not necessarily loved, but to which even enemies were treated with involuntary respect.

Now it turned out that in the current political reality or the status of “honored political father”, nor advanced age ( 16 APR Ishayev will turn 71) or a long time care of the state administrative structures still nothing guaranteed. In the elite of this signal is caught very clearly — grasped, I think, even before the arrest of Viktor Ishayev, who in this context was only “the icing on the cake”. Officially we are invited to rejoice, saying, inviolable in the country no more! But to rejoice as it is not very good. All in Russia know what is inviolable in the country still have, even their names are not really made to say aloud.

Regardless of the specific circumstances “of the case Ishayev”, it is in the circles of the Russian elite very special psychological climate — the climate-driven uncertainty – driven, of course, of power structures where, on the course new forged and reshaped the old familiar rules of the game. On the eve of the transit of power ( it just seems that five years is a lot, actually 2024 will come if not tomorrow, then at least the day after) such processes are quite natural, even expected. Elite “send fluid” – relax,comrades, and do not try to go out of step or, God forbid, start your own game. It is best to sit and be afraid — maybe blow! In the case of Viktor Ishayev is not carried by. But just is unclear what exactly, but exact science.

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