The detention of an American spy” in Russia: the man was a citizen of another country

48-year-old Paul Whelan, which in Russia is called an American spy, in addition to the citizenship of the US and probably Canada also has a British passport.

About it writes The Times.

“Officials of the United States Embassy in Moscow contacted their British counterparts to inform them about the arrest of Whelan and his status as a British citizen. The representative of the foreign Minister of Britain said that the representatives filed a apply for consular access to British citizen detained in Russia”, – said in the publication.

The fact of British citizenship who was detained in Russia Whelan, obviously, will once again worsen the relations between the two countries, which have become much more strained after the poisoning Skrobala in Salisbury.

48-year-old Whelan has already been formally accused of espionage. In Russia claim that he had received in Moscow at the memory card, which supposedly contains a secret list of Russian agents
– added to the article.

What is known about Paul Whelan?
The twin brother of a detainee David Whelan said that 48-year-old Paul Whelan arrived in Moscow on 22 December for a wedding. He said his brother’s innocence no doubt have family and friends hope that he will provide all rights. However, the twin brother of the alleged spy could not confirm to CBC News whether he is a canadian citizen. It is worth adding that Whelan had visited the U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman. He offered support and assistance to the arrested. In addition, the marine Corps of the United States published additional data on Whelan. According to records, Whelan enlisted in the Marines in 1994 and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2004. He was administrative Manager and was involved in the war against Iraq for several months in 2004 and 2006. A special military court in January 2008, he was convicted of theft, and in December 2008 he was fired for bad behavior at the rank of private. The details of the accusations of theft were not published.

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