The defense Ministry found a solution to the problem of vacant “military” housing

Rules of providing military housing may change in the near future. Officers will have to choose: either preferential military mortgage, or a subsidy to purchase housing from the state. As it became known “MK”, such innovations contain in the bill developed by Ministry of defense. The Agency plans to amend the Law “On status of servicemen”.

photo: Oleg fochkin

As the authors note in the explanatory note, now the warriors have the right to choose in what form to receive assistance from the state. This can be as a ready flat, built at the expense of the budget, and a cash subsidy to purchase housing in another district or the construction of a private cottage. The officials complain that the servicemen exercise their right to vote as they want: first, declare that you choose a ready-made housing, and then suddenly change my mind and want to take with money. As a result, the state spends huge money on the construction of high-rise buildings for the army, which then are half-empty. If the amendments are approved, choose a form of assistance to the military family only once — at the time of registration as in need. Even if then the soldier the situation changes, change your mind won’t let him. Also the new rules will have a single accounting rate of housing 12 square meters per person. Its officials will consider when deciding which area to provide the defender of the Fatherland.

Another innovation involves the participants in the cumulative mortgage system. For them, the updated law will stipulate a serious limitation: once you get to the register, mortgage holders, it will automatically lose the right to receive from the state housing or subsidies.

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