The debate regarding the PACE of the sea of Azov can affect the tightening of sanctions.

In the PACE debate on the crisis in the sea of Azov does not mean that all will be resolved quickly. But the Western leaders in this issue show a common position, so it is quite possible that there will be strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions.

This opinion on 24 channel was expressed by the Chairman of the Board of the Center for sociological and political studies “Sotsiovymir” Serhiy Taran.

In Ukraine a few tools to influence the situation with Russia’s seizure of our ships and sailors in the Kerch Strait. One of them is diplomacy. With its help, we can convince the international community to extend sanctions against Russia, even if these sanctions are not profitable to the West. In the issue of the Kerch Strait as well, since Russia has violated all norms of international law
says Taran.

In particular, the expert said, a number of Western leaders have already declared that is ready to tighten sanctions. Trump has said that he will not meet with Putin, while Russia will not loose by sailors and will not return to Ukraine ships. And this, says Taran, seriously and significantly for Putin, who wants meetings with trump. Also the new leader of the German Christian democratic Union Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that the West should apply to Russian ships symmetrical sanctions – they may not be allowed in European ports. To make it happen, we need a platform such as PACE, where Ukraine could Express their position.

Hearings in PACE does not mean that the problem is in the sea of Azov will be solved. This is a way to promote our position. We are not alone in the struggle with Russia. Even have diplomatic blockade against Russia. This statement by trump about the impossibility of meeting with Putin, the probability of economic sanctions against Russian ships. This is the maximum objective. But when talking about it, Western leaders, there is the prospect that the sanctions will increase. Plus increase in U.S. military aid to Ukraine. The Kremlin will react, especially if the Russian ships fall under the sanctions and Russia will start to lose money
– says Taran.

What happened in the Kerch Strait?
25 Nov in the Kerch Strait the Russian border guard ship rammed the RAID tug of the Ukrainian military. It is known that 2 of the Ukrainian military small armored artillery boats and offshore tug went according to plan and in accordance with international standards from the port of Odessa to the port in Mariupol.

However, Russia said that the Ukrainian warships allegedly illegal came in temporarily closed the waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and continued moving to the Kerch Strait. A group of Ukrainian ships continued on their way to Mariupol. However, when you exit from the Kerch Strait Russian border court opened fire on Ukrainian ship, resulting in 6 Ukrainian sailors were injured. Russia also seized 2 Ukrainian vessel and captured 24 Ukrainian sailors, who were later arrested in the occupied Crimea and taken to Moscow prison.

After that Ukraine until December 26 introduced in 10 areas of martial law and banned the entry into its territory of male Russian citizens aged 16-60 years.

Russia is not the first month blocks in the Azov sea foreign ships, bound for Ukrainian ports. Therefore, the Ukrainian economy suffers large losses.

December 26, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine adopted the decision on introduction of sanctions against Russia.

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