The day of unification of Ukraine: as proclaimed the Act of unification exactly 100 years ago

January 22, 1919 – the day of proclamation of the act of reunification Ukrainian people’s Republic and West Ukrainian people’s Republic. The original certificate is stored in the state archives and no one handed – the only exception is unification Day. Because if not this document is Ukraine today would not be.
How does the Act of Union

The Act printed on thick paper, slightly larger than the usual A4. The text is typed using a typewriter with a new ribbon. In fact, it helped to save the document almost unscathed.

This was confirmed by Alla Objelean, the main Keeper of funds of the Central state archives of Supreme bodies of power and administration of Ukraine (CHAVO). According to her, in the composition of the paper until the 60-ies of XX century were added specific substances, which made it more durable, but the text typed is stored more than 100 years.

It really is a miracle that it (the Act of Union – 24 channel) is not destroyed because the Soviet authorities, the Communists, there was no motivation for which to store such documents
– noted the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

The Museum of Ukrainian revolution are saving a copy of the Deed. And also mention what was the day when it was read aloud – exactly one hundred years ago.

The original act of Association can only be seen in Day of conciliarity of Ukraine

As he announced the unification of UNR and ZUNR

22 Jan 1919 Kiev called ads in Newspapers. Ibid placed and a detailed plan for the ceremony. Day, Wednesday, did weekends. The street was decorated with blue and yellow flags and portraits of Shevchenko.

The document with the first row indicates “a great event in the history of our Ukrainian land”

In the morning on St. Sophia square was crowded. Hundreds of people rushed to the square, despite the cold and ice. In churches throughout the city conducted the service.

The text of the Act is scored on a conventional typewriter, but thanks to this he survived

At noon the members of the Directory came out to declare universal. Longinus Tsegelsky TK ZUNR read the agreement to merge, and Fedir Shvets from the Directory – the Act itself, he read the Fourth universal of the Central Rada. Each in two languages, Ukrainian and then the language of European diplomacy in French.

In the Museums of the Ukrainian revolution any day you can see a copy of the Act of Union

Five members of the United the Directory set under the Act the signatures in black ink and sealed with a wax seal. The state then lasted only a few months.

The Parliament, the date of the adoption of Act of independence of Ukraine

But the fact 1919 continued in 1991 the Act of independence of Ukraine. To be heard, the year before the Ukrainians took to the streets and held hands, connecting Lviv and Kyiv live circuit.

Each took a car that had sat for three, four, five, as much as I could and went! Was skeptical concerns, whether we will manage to organize it all. But as it turned out, was able! Emotions were superpositive, but not just chains, but also because Ukraine is moving forward and has prospects something to gain!
– remembered participant of the unification of 1990 Igor Shostak.

And although it is a chain of unity arrange separately in Kiev, Lviv, Dnieper and other cities, the goal is the same – Ukrainians, as well as 100 years ago, see Ukraine free, independent, United.

What is the Act of Union and the Day of unification of Ukraine?
It is a holiday that is celebrated every year on January 22 the day of the proclamation the act of Unification of Ukrainian people’s Republic (UNR) and Western Ukrainian national Republic (ZUNR), which occurred in 1919. Officially the Day of unity is celebrated since 1999. On this day people also remember another event that took place exactly a year earlier – January 22, 1918: IV adoption of the Universal of the Ukrainian Central Rada, which proclaimed the complete independence of the UPR. By the way, some time, from December 30, 2011, in togdashnego decree of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych the Day of unity at the official level was abolished, and instead established a “Day of Unification and Freedom of Ukraine”. However, on 13 November 2014 by the decree of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the holiday was restored.


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