The day of the Mother of God icon “the Sign” 2018: history, superstitions and traditions of the holiday

The day of the Mother of God icon “the Sign” 2018: history, superstitions and traditions of the holiday See photo (4)
12:19 of Today’s Telegraph news of Ukraine: Today, December 10, believers celebrate one of the most important images – the icon of the Theotokos called “the Sign”.

The icon of the Mother of God called “the Sign”, depicts the virgin sitting and praying; on her breast, against the background of a round shield — blessing of the Divine Infant — the Saviour-Emmanuel. This image of the virgin is among the very first of her iconographic images.

The history of the holiday

In the XII century, has intensified the conflict between Novgorod and Suzdal Prince Andrei Bogoliubsky. Here is the chronicle: “Dwyane not hotho dati tribute to Novgorod, but prodavshica Grand Prince Andrey Yuryevich, in Suzdal then derzhavstva. Novgorod sent to move the squad to a legitimate demand tribute . We heard Andrew, Ambassador for them a regiment of his own, which the Novgorodians broke into bell lake”.

Allies of Andrei Bogolyubsky, the word of the Chronicles, was 72 Prince of Smolensk, Ryazan, Murom, Polotsk, Pereyaslav, and others. At the head of troops ill Andrew put his son, Mstislav. In February 1170, Suzdal allies came to Novgorod, plundering and destroying villages, seizing captives. Peace negotiations were unsuccessful, the siege began. Suzdal was so confident of victory that divided the robbery in Novgorod street.

Defended Novgorod Posadnik jakun (Iakov) and the young Prince Roman Mstislavich. The Novgorodians, seeing countless enemies, he could only hope in God’s help. Day and night in all churches of the inhabitants of the city prayed to the Lord and the blessed virgin Mary for help and intercession. Archbishop John prayed unceasingly for several days and on the third night he heard God’s command to take the icon of the virgin, located in the temple on Ilyinskaya street, and carry her to the city walls.

The next morning the clergy and people went in procession to the specified temple. Archbishop John took the icon of the virgin, suffered on the city walls and placed in front of the attackers, but Suzdal is not only softened and intensified the attack. Clouds of arrows flew to Novgorod, and one arrow hit the face of the virgin. Suddenly the icon turned away from the enemy, and Novgorod saw that the eyes of the virgin shed tears! At the same time Suzdal was terrified, they the dizziness began to hit each other. The people of Novgorod, encouraged by a sign from the icon of the virgin, out of the city and defeated the enemy. Many were taken prisoner, but escaped died of exposure, starvation and disease ravaged them the lands of Novgorod.

After the miraculous deliverance of Novgorod from numerous enemy Archbishop John established the feast of the Holy virgin. Mysteriously, the festival was postponed from February 25, the day of the victory over Novgorod Suzdal, on November 27. According to one version, it happened because 25 February falls on the day of the Great lent. On the other — the date 27 November was chosen because on this day was the birthday of the Yakuna (Ekova) — Novgorod mayor, protector of the city.

The miraculous icon was returned to the Holy Transfiguration Church on Ilyina street where she was before. In 1356 it was built the Cathedral of the Holy virgin. In the Soviet years the icon was kept in the Novgorod Museum reserve. In 1980-e years experts have been restoring and found on the Board the traces of arrowheads, one of the wounds is over the left eye of the virgin. The way a lot of times newer. In 1527 the Metropolitan Macarius was restored and decorated his salary. Presently, the image of the XII century there were only a few flecks of paint and the figures of St. Peter and Martyr Natalia on the back (two-sided icon). The face of the virgin experts dated back to XVI century. At present the icon is kept in the Novgorod St. Sophia Cathedral.

Traditions and superstitions of the holiday

This day is traditionally performed on festive services. After the service, taken by the family to get together for dinner. But we should not forget that the Day of the Mother of God icon “the Sign” is celebrated during the Nativity fast. For this reason, you should observe appropriate limits in food.

As in any other religious holiday, it is forbidden on this day, to swear, to insult, to curse, to debate, to quarrel with anyone. Refrain from bad habits at least in this bright and important day.

In the people this holiday is called Winter sign. It has their signs.

So, fishing on the Sign would be unfortunate, as all fish in the day is spent in the pool. If on this day chimney smoke spread along the ground – wait for a thaw, and if it is a post – wait for the frost.

In addition, there is a popular folk belief – if this day at sunrise to stand face to the North wind, it will blow away all the unhappiness, sorrow, misfortune and bitterness.

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