The day of St. Anne 2018: history, traditions and superstitions of the holiday

The day of St. Anne 2018: history, traditions and superstitions of the holiday, See photo (4)
09:19 Telegraph Today Ukraine news: Today, December 22, Orthodox and Greek Catholics celebrate the conception of St. Anne of the blessed virgin.

The people have long been told that this night is the longest, watched natural phenomena and tried using the signs to predict what the weather will be for the New year. Since ancient times, the day of the conception of St. Anne of the blessed virgin was especially venerated among pregnant women.

What is known about Saint Anna

Saint Anne, mother of the blessed virgin Mary, was the youngest daughter of the priest Matthan, of Bethlehem. She was married to St. Joachim, but for a long time St. Anna was barren. In desperation, Joachim went into the desert and there fasted for 40 days, weeping and praying that God gave him for the happiness of the child, prayed, and Anna . Soon appeared to her the angel Gabriel and told that she will conceive a daughter Mary, through whom would come the salvation of all the world, and which will bless the entire human race. The conception of St. Anne occurred in Jerusalem, where was born the blessed virgin Mary.

Interestingly, the majority of icons, dedicated to this day, depict the blessed virgin, who tramples the head of the snake. At the bottom of the icon of saints Joachim and Anna are depicted usually with a prayer lifted up hands and eyes that behold the mother of God, which seemed to float in the air with open palms. Under Her feet is depicted the globe, entwined with a serpent, which means the devil.

Traditions and customs on the day of St. Anne

In old times the feast was called “narodnimi of the sun,” because on December 22 we have the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. There is a saying: “In the day light the day is added on the Sparrow”.

In ancient times it was customary to give 24 silver the bell ringer that announces the birth of the sun. According to popular belief, summer meets winter, twice a year – on Candlemas and day of St. Anne. The holiday is especially revered by pregnant women, which during the day was forbidden to take any job. By the way, in Transcarpathia on this day, girls who have often had a headache, not spun.

On the Day Anna the girls together agreed on how to celebrate the Christmas holidays. They also chose “atamansha” which organised the girls ‘ fees and directed public Affairs. Such gatherings allowed only girls who knew how to embroider, sew and spin, not lazy – they were a wallflower.

For Anna, besides approval of the celebrations, made Christmas ornaments — “spiders” and “hedgehogs” made of straw. Women, in this day began to whiten and clean home, better fed pigs to have svegina for Christmas.

Folk omens on the Day of St. Anne

  • If it is raining the whole spring will be rainy;
  • After Anna sun turns for the summer, and winter — the cold;
  • Quiet and calm day – the harvest of fruits;
  • What Anna before noon, this winter until the end of December;
  • Anna said that hope is useless;
  • Bright sun — New year will be a strong frost, if overcast, the trees hoarfrost — the New year will be thaw;
  • What is Anna to night, this winter until spring.

In Bukovina believed that on the day of Saint Anne starts the year, however, and said: “Anki get in the sled”, “Anna winter moved”. There are also a number of observations related to beekeeping: “bees begin honey is”, “Go to the cellar to the bees to have a good swarmed”. Beekeepers came in omshanik, where he kept hives, and prayed to the Lord that began white and yellow wax, and, of course, thick honey.

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