The day of St. Anne 2018: beautiful congratulations in the verses and cards for family and friends

The day of St. Anne 2018: beautiful congratulations in the verses and cards for family and friends See photos (6)
09:41 Today, the Telegraph, 22 December the Orthodox Church celebrates the Conception by righteous Anna of the virgin Mary, and the people celebrate Anna Winter.

According to the Orthodox Church calendar December 22, the feast day of the Conception of the blessed virgin, the full name of the Orthodox holiday – the Conception by righteous Anna of the virgin.

Saint Anne is the patroness of women, mothers, pregnant women. Before the icon of the Mother of God “unexpected Joy”, and before the icon Bogota righteous Joachim and Anna pray for healing from various illnesses, for children, for the gift of children, about safe pregnancy and childbirth, about healing from infertility.

Anna, Anya, Anyuta —

So much tenderness, comfort

In the warmth of your name .

Congratulations on this day!

Today he is fertile,

The soul easily pleased

So always,

All that I want.

By Day the pious Anna!

Let your wishes come true,

Heaven hope give

And the problem will fix it.

Are happiness and health,

Kindness and peace, with love,

Life without quarrels and without offense —

And the Lord always keeps!

I wish you, dear Annie,

So true everything in life dreams!

Let gives joy any minute

So happy you were!

Anna Holy guarding you,

Health to you this holiday send!

Luck let thee steps

Up and the mood is growing all the time!

Let the angel from heaven

You will save,

From the stupid, dishonest

People protect,

No wonder your name

Bears grace,

If God loved

And laugh again,

Today, I know

Sad we can’t have

I congratulate

Annie, you!

Birthday day Anna.

I congratulate gently,

May Holy protect,

Protects let fate.

The name of the pure, the good

May the force always gives,

Cheerful spirit strengthens,

To the goal leads the righteous.

The day Anna came to us from heaven.

How much was in the this day of miracles:

The conception of your desired has come to pass,

Holy mother of God was born!

May this day brings you happiness,

Leaves sadness, sorrow, distress.

Health, peace, long years,

To live, not knowing the pain, bed!

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