The day of St. Andrew the Apostle 2018: what must be done women 13 Dec

The day of St. Andrew the Apostle 2018: what must be done women 13 Dec See photo (3)
22:27 Wed, 12 Dec 2018 Telegraph Photo: Ukraine news: December 13 celebrate the feast – Day of St. Andrew, and in people Kalita.

Andrew Andrew called because of the fact that he was the first called of all the disciples of Jesus. This holiday was very still honor our ancestors, as Andrew enlightened the Slavs in matters of faith.

St. Andrew’s day is not only the Church feast, but also the people, the people he called Kalita. This is a special day when girls can look into the future and learn their fate, so in the night from 12 to 13 December, the unmarried girls Traditionally were wondering, Andrew young people staged celebrations without the songs and dances, as during the Nativity fast it is prohibited.

What you have to do on the day of St. Andrew?

On the day of St. Andrew the Apostle it is necessary to go to Church and pray for the children . They say that in this day of the Holy hears all prayers, especially the requests of the mothers on the happiness of their daughters in their personal lives.

St. Andrew’s day – the first holiday in the Christmas cycle, so this day is considered to cover a festive table, but lean, as this time of advent.

Andrew – the patron Saint of sailors, so on this day, all whose profession is associated with the sea, prayed to him about protection and patronage.

Housewives traditionally bake in the occasion of a poppy or Apple pie if the pastry will turn out fluffy and delicious, the house will have prosperity and wealth.

This holiday must be noted in every home, according to legends, where the worship of St. Andrew will be a good harvest and prosperity.

Folk customs on this day unmarried girls are going to wonder at her spouse.

Signs on Andreev day

If the holiday is snow – winter will be very cold and long;

if snow fell to 13 December – the winter will be warm and soft, but if after a cold;

if the day is Sunny weather next year will be very rich harvest.

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