The date to start negotiations on a Brexit


Fri, 19 May 2017

Chief negotiator of the EU Brexit Michel Barnier is scheduled to start negotiations for the country’s exit from the EU on June 19.

Chief negotiator of the EU Brexit Michel Barnier is scheduled to begin negotiations for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union June 19, 11 days after the holding of early parliamentary elections. It is reported “European true” with reference to the Guardian .

It is reported that on the morning of June 19, Barnier plans to meet with British Minister for Brexit, David Davis, to develop possible scenarios for the exit.

The EU insists on the separation of negotiations on four week cycles, each of which must be dedicated to the key problem.

During the first week will be held the political training. On the second week, the parties will publish associated with Brexit documents.

On the third week, Davis and Barnier will hold talks in Brussels, and probably in London . During the last weeks Barnier will present the results of the negotiations before the EU Council and the European Parliament.

Barnier hopes to reach an agreement on the rights of the citizens, the law on Brexit and the border of Ireland during the first stage of the negotiations, which he hopes will be completed by the end of 2017.

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