The danger for the South of Ukraine – Russian opposition warned of a new round of aggression from the Russian Federation

Turning of the annexed Crimea into a military base, Russia creates conditions for a new round of aggression. At this time, the aggression will concern the southern regions of Ukraine.
This opinion in comments to the edition “observer” stated Russian politician Konstantin Borovoy.
“In fact, the Peninsula has already turned into a military base. Russia is not particularly worried about loss of tourist income. She is gradually rebuilding the structure of the Peninsula in order to create the basis for new aggression,” – said the Russian opposition.
Borovoy said that refers to the new round of aggression against Ukraine.
Of course, the greatest danger to the southern regions, including Odessa. There have already been attempts, and perhaps there will be attempts at destabilization – warned the politician.
He explained that the strategic goal of Russia all have long understood. Thus, a neighboring country plans to connect the occupied territories with another occupied territory, namely Transnistria.

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