The Cup-2018: Who invented you, a modest country?

Friday. Lions. DS “Galicia”. “Galychanka-LNU” – the national team of Ukraine – 23:32. In the attack Irina GLIBKO. Photo of Eugene KRAUSE

The home match against Vice-Champions of the world-2017 Norway and a visiting team Croatia women’s national team of Ukraine will complete the statement in their groups.


The only rehearsal for the Ukrainian national team has become a friendly meeting with Lviv galechnymi, and local “the members of the national team” in this case defended the colors of their club.

GALYCHANKA-LNU – UKRAINE – 23:32 (14:12)

“Galychanka-LNU” (Lviv): Sultanik; Volovnik (2), striukove (2), party (2), SAB (3), Savchyn (1), Konovalova (3), Baranovichi (3), Stelmach (1), Pole (2), Markevich, Davidyants (2), Skull (2), Vasilyak, Cological.

The National Team Of Ukraine: Timoshenkova, Voron’ko; Voskoboynik, Peredery (5), Snopova (1), Horilka (3), Kompaniets (4), MC (5), Glibc (6), Laiuk (5), Lesinska, Gotra (3).

Seven: 5 (1) – 2 (2).

Penalty time: 2 – 10.

Judges: Zgoba, Kuz (both – Lviv).

May 25. Lions. DS “Galicia”. 510 spectators.

Some people say, they say, ahead of Norway and Croatia, and check yourself let the best in the country, but club. The head coach of our national team Boris Chizhov for this reason has a slightly different opinion:

– The players gathered and 23 may, and even some of the 24th. Suppose, for example, would have found a rival from the neighboring countries. You’d have to go to two, as option one, it is unlikely they would accept. In the end, the maximum one workout more or less complete list, and then half of the collection went on the way there and back. Yes, check yourself with Belarus or Lithuania useful, but unless we have played at home. Lviv also took the team, and in a hurry we escaped. Besides, again, Goralska and Balog managed to arrive directly to Lviv.

– Okay, but could “Galychanka” to model for you Norway?

Five candidates Lviv played for his club, but still more effective than a mediocre two parties. As you know, striukove, and the party Stelmach tried to prove themselves to the max, proving that it is not very inferior to the nominally first offer for their positions, and make them skandinavok four days is an illusion.

Needless to say, sparring in the Lion city failed in all respects. First, teamwork wards Basil Kozara provided the intrigue, the hostess even won the first-half lead 4:3, 6:4, 12:11. Looking ahead: the best recognized Irina Glibko the blue-yellow and Marina Konovalov their examiners.

Second, Chyzhov naturally have a reason for rotation. Say, who started second from the right angle of protection Olga Peredery, then was nominated as linear during the attack. Accordingly, Glibko first rising from the bench, and was replaced by Lily Gorelesque. And when she returned for option “B”, then the baton from Oli took in the rear of Anna Lesinska from Karpaty. And quite like in a film castling “Trousers – elegant shorts” to the right of Ani in the defense of any Yulia snopova.

Finally, thing number 3. The capacity crowd, where sympathy is almost equally shared between both teams. In the ranks of the “eighth player” guessed bearing guys the 2nd brigade of national guardsmen. By the way, one of the servicemen got a gift ball and lottery the turntable there were two dozen.

However, the most spectacular flash mob gave three cute Babes, future cheerleadery. It turned out that they are seriously engaged in the sport club “Lviv, angoli” on the basis of the 93rd Sausage school district. Genuine ovation of the fans caused the slogans “Nashi Lviv galichanka – champion first lady”.


From math we know that the number of these, either for himself or for one – 3, 7, 11, 17 and further in science. “11” players will leave and three will introduce in our text.

To the question “SE”, figured if he’s already starting seven on Wednesday night, Boris did exactly three movements – shrugged his shoulders, threw up his hands and shook his head. And to blame injuries: in the knee, the other Achilles, from a third – hamstring and favorite Lviv torcida > Smoking will not heal the ankle. Alas, for a good three weeks out with a forearm Evgeny Levchenko. If you add that Yana Gotra of his having a cold, it is understandable why Monday under an inflatable dome Concha Zaspa trained only 13 field – and where did all that crept, interested in your correspondent – whether here in the camp? On this occasion Boris Chizhov like a Colonel said in his immutable Statute to bring charges in the required form very carefully. Well the sores have accumulated under the curtain of a difficult club season. The same Levchenko gave it 100%, earning the championship and the Cup of Belarus in the ranks of the “BNTU-BelAZ”.

It is reasonable to learn, and in addition to the 16 names that will be entered into the record of the match Ukraine – Norway must be at least 17 “bayonet” in our ranks with an eye on Croatia. Here my companion retorted, as if Vika Timoshenkova throw in splits: “Now all our thoughts about Norway. Please note that may 30 is played between Switzerland and Croatia, and who knows, do they leave us the options on June 2? Anyway, we have to count on your luck”.


Here we are getting to the basic question – what are our arguments against the national team, the mere enumeration of the titles which will take a few paragraphs? And are Ukrainian women the magic of this North of Grand so that my knees were shaking? However, half a century ago, when there was a Schlager Michael Tariverdiev “Who invented you, star?” to the verses by N. Dobronravov, the edge of the fjords was on the planet Handball as modest as Ukraine now. About the futility of the amendments that the Norwegian company is not worried about his first place in the group, should not talk to: Their Helgarson they were brought to Kyiv two days before the match. Moreover, they are from the airport, transit through check-in the hotel “Bratislava”, rushed in… the fitness center. Pros, neither give nor take!

– This stress, I do not see, – said Chizhov. – They are driven by the knowledge that in this business everything depends on us. Even those who took a course of injections, mentally prepared to forget about the sores. Otherwise – as to provide a movable, power and protection, and then break on the counter. Reforge Norway in a standing style, no one could.

– Admit it, Boris, you have a career lived through such days and hours, they say, nowhere to retreat – for us, the Dnieper dam?

– And even as, especially as a coach of Kiev SKA. Once in Leningrad, another time in Riga was required not just to beat the competitor, but also with a given advantage in the balls to stay in the Premier League. And, what do you think – was able!

An experienced mentor, which in journalistic familiar to sbrehat years forty-something, convince tried. We both considered how the Norwegians fled from most opponents. Limited to goalkeepers. Two-time Olympic champion Katrine Lunde – 2008 (in Beijing still recognized as the best goalkeeper) and 2012, four times won FOUR and the Champions League, plus gold at the 2011 world Championships. Her friend Silje-Margareta, Solberg won world Cup -2015, twice on “Europe” (in 2014, grabbed the prize for best role). Here’s how their goals to bomb?

Optimist Chizhov presented a simple number “3”: teamwork, team speed, team wish. Nice to this arithmetic has picked up a number of and empathy and the Metropolitan fans. Let me remind you: Palace of sports today – 19.00.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Goalkeepers: Judit BALOGH (“Esztergom” in Hungary), Elizabeth Voron’ko (“Carpathians”), Victoria TIMOSHENKOVA (“Roman”, Romania).

Field players: Victoria BORSHCHENKO (“Rostov-don”, Russia), Natalia VOLOVNIK, Ilona DENIED, Natalya SAVCHYN, Irina STELMACH, Natalia STRYUKOVA (“Galychanka-LNU”), Yekaterina VOSKOBOYNIK (“Spartak”), Irina GLIBKO (“Ramnicu Valcea”, Romania), Lily GORALSKA (MTK, Hungary), GOTRA, Jana, Irina KOMPANIETS Anna LESINSKA (“Carpathians”), Olga LAIUK (“Yenimahalle Ankara”, Turkey), Olga PEREDERIY (“cream”, Slovenia), Anna RADISH, > SMOKING (both – “Gomel”, Belarus), Julia SNOPOVA (“Muratpasa”, Turkey).

Head coach Boris CHIZHOV.

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